Justin Bieber to Reject Plea Offer, Still Willing to Deal

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Thanks, but no thanks.

That is reportedly Justin Bieber's reaction to a plea deal on the table from prosecutors in his DUI case.

As previously reported, Bieber has the chance to avoid jail if he agrees to alcohol education classes, random drug testing and 40 hours of community service.

Free Justin Bieber

However, insiders now tell TMZ that the singer will NOT accept the terms of this plea bargain for many reasons:

  1. He does not want probation associated with any deal because then he'd be in serious trouble if he broke the law again.
  2. He has a real problem with weed and sizzurp and will not submit to random drug testing.
  3. Attorneys for the artist believe there are big holes in the case against their client, namely that he only blew a .014 on his breathalyzer and that his in-car GPS did not record him as speeding near the time of his arrest.

Bieber also thinks any kind of alcohol education will turn him into a national joke.

The source says Justin is open to a plea arrangement in order to avoid trial... but not this one.


Who will the Judge believe a cop with a dirty record or someone who has a clean record in the USA. I think the Judge know who going to win already and it's not the prosecution. Officers are to remain still during the field sobriety test a officer wasn't still. People of Florida are going to be paying Justin back with the tax money. If the prosecution used that toxic report they must prove sciencetificly that he was high or impaired at the time it's impossible to prove it by observations. That drug expecter doesn't help their case he trained to look at people to see if they look high and some of comments from TMZ may help him out. To get the DUI charges dissmiss. The hater may just help him out. Judge is most likely reading the case and looking to see


Drugs and a bad attitude will be the downfall of this twerp. The people of Atlanta, Georgia (where he's checking out new houses) already have a petition growing by the day to keep his sorry, drug-addicted butt out of their neighbourhood.
Can the plea bargains and give this nitwit what he deserves!

@ Dalyce

You forgeting something. If the prosecution used the Toxic report. They must scinetificly prove that those drug made him high. A drug expert won't help their case. He only to Look for clues not scincetificly prove he was high. These is going to be the down fall of this prosecutor job. This is the same prosecutor that did the George Zinmmermen trial. I think she doing it to satfried her ego. If Christ was smart He would used this case against Governor Rick Scott and maybe get the younger voter People for get that Justin is 20 years old and it would be easy to sway that Younger people vote his way by saying I wouldn't let this happen under my watch. I would tell my Attorney General to get invole in and make the drop the charges. He would get a lot of younger perople vote if he would do that who are of voting age.


The police know they have a weak case-they lied and the lead guy in the arrest has a bad record of abuse per TMZ. As for Zirzzurp use, this is based on rumors and innuendo. No trace of it was found in his blood or urine tests. He may have tried out a couple of times at the instigation of Lil Wayne or Twist, but he is not a user of it according to Gossipcop:http://www.gossipcop.com/justi...


He already is a national joke! I'm canadian and I don't want him back!


WHAT a flaming A hole. What is wrong you airheads that made this pinhead rich? learn to appreciate real talent and music! Thanks to idiots that support untalented trash that can't sing like Beiber the rest of us have to tolerate this jerk stain polluting our world with his ignorance and recklessness.

@ NO Beiber

You guys only know the image of him sites like this. which trash him; have presented; people who really know him have a completely different perception of him. The media has done as much of a smear job on him as they did to Sarah Palin. His mistakes are repeated endlessly in scandal loving sites with exaggeration, lies, half truths which are soaked in by the unchristian, hateful mutants in the U.S. and England. The smearing of this kid is unlike anything I have seen toward a celebrity since as long as I can remember mainly by white guys.

@ ivan

Oh Ivan...you really are a suck up and a fool.
Sarah Palin is an arse. Biedermeier is an arse.
And so are you my friend.


That's hot!


Throw this entitled brat in jail!


.............he's right.


In my family, we call the police on our own kid's for behaving this way. Our kid's have grown up to be fine adults. Money doesn't make you rich... peace of mind makes you rich. Stupid celebs


Florida will get him. Most people end up in jail for less then what they have on him. He isnt a bad boy and will find it out the hard way. Maybe alcohol and drug testing is what he needs. He is going the way of Ms.Spears and no one is doing anything to stop it. We just sit back and watch for the melt down. Soon we will hear about him killing someone. I am not a fan at all of him but He needs some good advice about the corrupt state of Florida. He isnt going to get off with nothing. How aabout not worrying about public image and do what you have to do. Be a man and accept the consequences of your actions. Florida isnt going to drop it. Welcome to the sunshine state.


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