Justin Bieber Stripper Revealed: See Pics of Singer's Plaything!

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The stripper Justin Bieber was seen breastfeeding on in that now-infamous photo with his pal Khalil has been revealed in her blonde, plastic glory.

She definitely looks like a stripper, but is not old enough to be the singer's mom, contrary to earlier reports regarding the Justin Bieber stripper photo.

"Karolina" is only 26. Check out pics of Biebs' Vegas plaything:

According to TMZ's story on Karolina, she recently moved from Chicago to Sin City, where Bieber quietly visited in January. Clearly they hit it off.

Also contrary to previous reports, the infamous breast-sucking photo was not taken at an L.A. recording studio, but inside Bieber's Vegas penthouse.

After a night at the strip club, Bieber and his entourage hand-picked Karolina and two other strippers to return to the hotel for a private party.

Justin paid them thousands in cash, and clearly got his money's worth.

It's not clear who took the image in question, but it went viral Saturday, showing Bieber and Khalil Sharieff each with a mouthful of Karolina's chest.

This wild night took place before his well-documented DUI arrest.

The strippers' phones were confiscated inside the penthouse, and they were each required to sign one of Bieber's famous confidentiality agreements.

That legally forbids them from talking about what transpired that night, although obviously it only does so much good when someone else takes pics.

Also, Karolina voluntarily posed for the boob photo apparently.

As for people saying she looked old enough to be Bieber's mother, well, maybe she does, but she's only 26. She can still breastfeed him, in any case.

And as for Justin's ex, Selena Gomez called this disgusting ...


what's the big deal? she's very pretty!

@ Joanne

You need glasses. She is fugly.

@ nah



Looks like Kim K. !


Why doesn't this stupid kid get himself a girlfriend and keep this crap hidden instead of all these in your face pictures. Like he doesn't know people will takes pictures and sell them? Is he intentionally trying to derail his career? His handlers must be having fits with his out if control behavior, he seems to have a real thing for slutty females.


Ha! I knew Bieber was a fag! He's fucking a he-she!!!!


Transvestite ALL THE WAY!!!


The singers plaything? Who wrote this article?


How many sips of sizzurps does it take to turn this DUDE into a DAME??? Wrap it up B...Wrap that $#!% up Bieb...


As for Selena's comment, yeah, it is disgusting - but what do you expect from the pathetic dweeb you dated? Didn't you realize he was a jerk, idiot, fool, imbecile, and quite frankly, he's not that talented either! C'mon, there's a kid who looks as good, sings as good, dances as good - at every single high school in USA and Canada. He's nothing special? His lyrics suck, he can't play an instrument, he can't pull up his pants, he acts like an a-hole all the time. Today's younger generation worships these low-talent pop tarts like they're something special and they're really not. It's incredible that there are so many clueless teens and tweens who adore him and waste their money on him. Pathetic.


That's a MAN, I've seen that three legged monster on Maury!


That bitch is discusting..


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