Justin Bieber Instagram Name Change: Call Me Bizzle!

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You can't blame Justin Bieber for wanting to be someone else these days, can you?

The singer has been arrested twice over the past month, may face felony vandalism charges this week and was caught peeing on video. Again!

So, in an attempt to start fresh (or just be an idiot who thinks he's way too cool for school), the singer actually changed his name on Instagram over the weekend.

He now goes by "Bizzle."

Justin Bieber and Diddy
Justin Bieber with Rappers

Bieber re-Tweeted message from fans who took note of this change online, seemingly confirming his new identity.

He also posted a few new photos on that account, sharing his time with Diddy, Rick Ross and TI for all to see.

Might he be recording new music with these rappers? Whatever keeps him out of a car, right?

There's just one problem with Justin's new moniker, however: a Christian rapper from Houston - who recently made an anti-gay version of Macklemore's "Same Love" - also goes by "Bizzle."

Seriously. Justin Bieber just can't do anything right these days, can he?


Justin Bieber needs to be ignored. He gets far too much press. Maybe then he will start to shape up and become the man he wishes to be. We have soldiers fighting in foreign countries younger than him - that are growing up fast, doing the right things for our country. Why does he get a pass - with many a supporter saying "he is only nineteen." What is his excuse for his deplorable child like behavior. On top of everything he is a guest in this country. Can Hollywood Gossip come up with an embargo on this child/man and maybe without the attention encourage behavior change. I dare you.

@ robertL

justin biber i was your number1 fan but i hate you now if you changed back to your sealf i would be yours an ask you to marry me but you are nasty now so yah

@ victoria

You should try using punctuation and spell check sometime. It helps!

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