Justin Bieber in Rolling Stone: Behind the Bad Boy

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Great news for Justin Bieber: The singer covers the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

Not so great news for Justin Bieber: The issue is all about how the once-admirable artist is now a true "Bad Boy."

In the face of his recent DUI and drag racing arrest, along with his alleged egging of his neighbor's home, Bieber is in the crosshairs of this fading publication, which now trolls for stories that will make headlines.

Justin Bieber Rolling Stone Cover Photo

Contributing editor Claire Hoffman goes behind the scenes of the star's most recent behavior and details five disturbing revelations:

  1. The $75,000 strip club night DID happen. In honor of Lil Scrappy's birthday, Bieber blew through this much cash at the King of Diamonds Gentlemen's Club and also puffed a G Pen weed vaporizer the entire time.
  2. Jeremy Bieber is a bad influence. He is more like Justin's "best friend" than his father, according to a source, and he was present for the aforementioned strip club night and the evening Bieber was caught drag racing.
  3. In 2010, Bieber broke down in tears over his lack of a normal life.
  4. The Panama intervention also took place, as Usher, Bieber's mother and Scooter Braun had a "conversation" with Justin soon after his arrest and reminded him "of the people who care about him, and to consider things to do about it."
  5. The private plane ride to the Super Bowl was as bad as initially reported: Justin and Jeremy were abusive to the flight attendant and the entire entourage kept smoking pot.

For a lot more on the troubled life of Bieber, pick up this issue of Rolling Stone when it goes on sale tomorrow. In the meantime ... see below. Enough said:

Justin Bieber Workout Pics
Justin Bieber is so hot!!! He posted this shirtless montage of himself working out to Instagram.


Justin, the so called "bad boy" is being used by rolling stone to beef up sales since things have been slow. one of the things talked about as a scandal is Justin spending $75000.00 in a club. how is this a scandal or for that matter any ones business but Justin's. it's his money to do as he wants to with it. I am so tired of him being made out to be a "bad boy" just to have someone to bash. he and selena seem to be getting back together and they both deserve to be left alone. he is not a douch-bag as he is being called. most of what he is accused of is garbage.. he is a very talented young man which it seems brings out inferior feelings in some others.


Keep your head up Biebs! Forget the past and look at the future. Haters are gonna hate but thats never stopped you from accomplishing so much. We're right here cheering you on :) praying for a good year for you :)


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Justin forget all the haters cause we beliebers will always be there for u. Hapi birthday JB

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Way to encourage his idiotic and reckless behaviour. It's because of morons like you he's never held accountable for the shit he does.

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Justin forget all the haters cause we beliebers will always be there for u. Hapi birthday JB


Get off his d--- haters.


He's a horrible excuse for a singer, he was good when he started out. Wait til he turns into a douche like Kayne.

@ Justin Doesn't Own S---

He owns you enough to come in here and comment. He owned Rolling Stone to use tabloid rumors as fact and put him on the cover without asking. Justin f---ing owns you!


We're here for you don't listen to them their just stupid only listen to ur beliebers #beleiber


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