Juan Pablo Galavis Sort of Sucks as The Bachelor, Chris Harrison Says

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Juan Pablo Galavis may or may not be the hottest Bachelor ever, but he is definitely the one who took to the role the last, according to host Chris Harrison.

With just four women remaining - Nikki Ferrell, Clare Crawley, Andi Dorfman and Renee Oteri - Juan Pablo's got big decisions to make as the season ends.

He'll have a hard time with them, Harrison says. A very hard time.

The Bachelor spoilers have a lot to say about who stays and who goes (and for what reason), but whatever the outcome, Chris says it didn't come easy.

Excerpts from the venerable host's conference call this week ...

On next week: "As far as the hometown dates go, you see like a [Sean Lowe] or any of these guys kind of roll in and it's really smooth sailing."

"And this season isn't such smooth sailing for [Juan Pablo]."

"When he goes into these homes, he's really vying for the [parents'] approval and permission, trying to win their permission to marry their daughters."

"The exotic dates is probably the most pivotal episode we've had this season. It really is a shakeup of kind of the foundation of everything that's going on."

"It's usually kind of the Bachelor figuring things out, but this season, it's really been ... it seems like it's been more the ladies questioning and figuring things out."

On Juan Pablo's mentality: "To do this show, you have to really embrace it and really kind of let go and take your hands off the wheel for it to work."

"And so, he's trying to do both (be a dad and be a single guy), and he is having trouble, you know, kind of living with it. I think he has a tough letting go."

"There really was a language and cultural barrier because he didn't know the show as well as people who have been watching it for 10 or 12 years."

"He had a tough time fitting into being The Bachelor and really giving it up to the process, and I think the women have seen a little bit of that. They felt it."

"And I think it's made some of them question his motives, his real sincerity. Because they're not hearing it and seeing it as much as they've seen it in the past."

On the conclusion: "The last three weeks were as difficult as we've ever had on this show - maybe the most difficult. And I don't just mean his final choice or how it ends up."

"I just mean the way we kind of sailed into this final episode."

So basically ... hold onto your butts when you watch The Bachelor online, because the next three weeks are going to be an all-out emotional mess.

Will Andi Dorfman be the latest contestant to dump Juan Pablo instead of vice versa? And who will win the much-anticipated Nikki vs. Clare showdown?


"The Bachelor" itself sort of sucks!!!!!!!(No,MAJORLY,BIG-TIME SUCKS!!!!!!!!)As a 60-year-old black man-ESPECIALLY AS A BLACK MAN,albeit one with boyish good looks,a muscular build-I'm 5'9",200-
205 lb.,18-inch biceps-who's attempting to become a Country music song-writer and said to resemble a handsome black cowboy IN AND OUT of my Wranglers jeans and other casual and/or Western garb-
I'd stand a FAR BETTER CHANCE of being elected Prime Minister than selected "The Bachelor," as show as lily-white as a Southern U.S. police force the day I was born,July 6,1953.


this guy JP is a douche bag he was totally for the ride of dating 25 women, this show really needs to screen the bachelor of bachelorette. A lot of this guys/girls coming on the show are looking for what the show can give them when it ends i.e fame, money possible DWTS spot. And i feel Juan Pablo fit the part of one of those guys who just couldnt wait for this show to end.


Juan Pablo in my opinion wanted to become the Bachelor to get some expousure on American tv. He looks to be very much in love with his ex wife and had no plans to end up with any of this women.


Worst bachelor choice ever


This guy loves touching the women's face and ears. This guy reminds me of a womanizer, always touching and kissing instead of talking. Not the best way to find your soul mate.


He is the worse bachelor ever-he does not want a forever with any of these women. He is so clueless and soaking it for all he can get with the women and fame....!!


No "sort of" about it Chris...Juan Pablo is a sucking black hole of narcissistic insincerity. Language barrier my Aunt Fanny, the guy is a straight up fake...worst bachelor ever!

@ Dalyce

He spends more time constantly kissing and rubbing their faces. Looks like a kid in a toy store!!1 Very seldom do you just sitting together during dates and discussing their interests and visions for the future. so tired of all the constant kissing !!!!!!!!

@ Dalyce

Dalyce...I AGREE!!!!! Juan Pablo is such a blubbering MORON!!!!! Jackass.

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