Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia: Fired From The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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Producers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are cleaning house and the show will soon be without Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia, according to reports.

The powers that be are gunning to replace them because they're just not exciting enough ... make out sessions and/or fights with Brandi Glanville notwithstanding.

Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia, the shot-callers believe, are simply not involved enough in the bread and butter story lines to justify key spots in the cast.

Sources say there's apparently a 95 percent chance they're toast.

It became obvious Joyce and Carlton were on thin ice during the reunion show taping earlier this month, when all the other women displayed great chemistry.

Joyce and Carlton were the clear outsiders of the crazy crew.

The latter is very interested in returning for Season 5 if she gets asked back, while it's unclear how Giraud feels about the show and her role on Bravo.

What do you think? Would you like to see either stay or go?

Follow the link to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on TV Fanatic to catch up, then check out pictures of them before they were famous:

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If Carlton returns, I will never watch the show again. She is truly disgusting! What kind of person has a sex room and has young children? She exploits women, while trying to say she loves them. AGAIN, SHE IS DISGUSTING.


Carlton was just too spiritually evil wit threats of curses and whicka powers! It doesn't fit the mold of Beverly Hills. They need to ax Carlton. As for Joyce... She is a goddess beauty... She needs more time to fit in. They need to fire BRANDI ! She has no class, vulgar mouth and attitude.. Just trashy! Why won't they ad Fae ! Or Susan Summers? Get rid of the dumpster trash and replace it with real Beverly Hills Royalty! Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards RULE! Bring Back Grammer!!!!! Miss her


I say bring back Taylor! I read somewhere that they let her go because they said she wasn't interesting enough...huh...get outta here RHOBH. She was one of the most interesting people on the show...never a dull moment, so I don't know what they want from these women. I think that all the ladies feel that they have to be CATTY with one another, otherwise they're afraid that they will be dropped by the show. I used to love all The Real Housewives shows, but I find now that the producers are putting so much pressure on the ladies, that it getting old real fast, and is no longer a REALITY show, but a FAKE your ass off show.




Carlton and Joyce should not return to the show both very annoying people.


Carlton is very unpleasant person, not very nice even with her children. She thinks she is smart, beautiful and classy. None of the above.


Carlton looks like an alien witch and Joyce looks like she has had 2 small, hard lemons implanted for boobs. Kim is brain dead and Brandi is white trash. Kyle is ungodly beautiful and Lisa is the epitomy of class, elegance and beauty


Can't stand Carlton! She is the most vile person and an embarrasment to all women. I used to enjoy the class and glamor and lifestyle of these women but it's no longer fun to watch. Now it's nothing but backstabbing and catty remarks that just leaves me frustrated. Bravo needs to start a new series called "Drunks and Sluts of Beverly Hills" starring Brandy and Carlton. At least you would know up front what you are watching.


Fire Carlton.....get rid of this WITCH! I love all the other gals on RHOBH. Kyle is my favorite and Yolanda is becoming a woman I admire a great deal.


They are both so boring... Please replace. Please replace!!!!!! The rest if the cast is so interesting. Carlton is the worst. Her drama is so manufactured.