Jenelle Evans: Expecting a Baby Boy! Again! His Name Will Be ...

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Pregnant Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is expecting another baby boy this summer with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, she revealed on Wednesday.

The 21-year-old mother of four-year-old Jace (whose father is MIA Andrew Lewis) is 19-weeks along, due this June, and excited beyond belief.

Ditto her baby daddy-to-be and beau of a year.

"I was happy either way no matter what we were gonna have, but Nathan was especially excited because he’s a boy, so he's like jumping for joy," Jenelle Evans said.

"He's really, really excited to spoil him."

As for the baby name they picked out?

Let's just say it's an unusual one ...


"We were basically searching for baby names on the Internet, and we came up with a bunch of different unique ones," she said of the name selection.

"We didn’t want something that everyone else had or had even heard before, even us. So we wanted something different, and we ended up looking up Kaiser."

Well, mission accomplished Jenelle.

Hopefully little Kaiser has an easier go of it than Jace, who is under the care of Jenelle Evans' mother Barbara, who's had custody of him forever.

Jenelle, whose history of drug abuse and volatile relationships is well documented, has been arrested at least 10 times in the past three years. At least.

Now, clean and sober, she insists she's looking to get back custody from her mom, and looking forward to a fresh start with baby boy number two.

As for how Kaiser's name stacks up with some other famous offspring, click through this classic celebrity baby names gallery and decide for yourself:


Thats A Pretty Name Kaiser


I'm guessing the name of the hospital she goes to isn't Kaiser...


Calling into question Jenelle's behavior is where we need to stop. What she does or does not do should cease to be a surprise, because clearly, logic, self-sustainability and independence is nowhere in her make-up. I question Nathan, who on the outside, makes it look like he has his life together. BUT, come on, let's be real. In the end, any real man who has his life in order, would not be interested in Jenelle. I want to know what his motivation really is. Does it just make him feel good to have a woman so needy? Or, like Barb was saying, Is he truly controlling? Why on G-d's green earth would any "well-together" man want to have a baby with a woman he has barely known for 2 months, and at best...Jenelle Evans??? Something is wrong with this picture.


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Beau of a year? They got together in June. That's not a year. That's 8 months. They haven't even been together for the length of time it takes to gestate a child.


What a freakin loser! She can't even take care of the first one she had, and her mom isn't exactly the greatest thing to happen to the kid(s)....Guess that's what happened to Janelle.


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She should worry about the first one she had that her poor mother has to take care of now because of her irresposbility. She should try to get her first son back and take care of him. What a loser these people are. As for the dad. Why have a baby with a girl who don't take care of her first one. They will probably live off the government too. Losers!!!

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