Jared Padalecki on Philip Seymour Hoffman Death: Not a Tragedy

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Jared Padalecki has once again Tweeted himself into a bit of controversy.

A few weeks after saying Justin Bieber paid Lil Za to take a drug possession rap for him, the Supernatural star reacted to the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman by not showing all that much sympathy for the actor.

Hoffman was found with a needle in his arm on Friday and pronounced dead of a likely heroin overdose, with numerous celebrities mourning the late Oscar winner across various social platforms.

Jared Padalecki on Supernatural
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But Padalecki took issue those who described the incident as especially depressing.

“‘Sad’ isn’t the word I’d use to describe a 46-year-old man throwing his life away to drugs ‘Senseless’ is more like it. ‘Stupid.," the actor wrote.

He received a lot of backlash for remarks many deemed to be insensitive, later taking to Twitter and explaining himself a bit.

“I didnt mean PSH is stupid or that addiction isnt a reality. I simply meant I have a different definition of ‘tragedy," Padalecki wrote, adding:

“When I think ‘tragedy,’ I think of St Judes, of genocide, of articles I read in the paper. But, yes, either way, a death, is sad."

What do you think of this reaction? Does it make you less likely to watch Supernatural online now?

And how does it compare to LeVar Burton, who also drew online heat then he Tweeted a joke at Hoffman's expense:

"Damn, #PSH was SO talented! However, if Y’all should find me dead with a needle in my arm, in my underwear… please put my pants on!"

Do you agree with Jared's comments on PSH's passing? Vote below:

Is Philip Seymour Hoffman's death a tragedy?


Why is it wrong for someone to express their opinion with out treats or bad comments there is a thing call free dome of speech means we can say anything a person wish to say so stop with the threats of someone job because others don't agree with what their opinions are.....we have the right to say what we wants and feel there is a old saying if you play with fire you will get burn and if you used drugs their will be consequence.....and if we teach our children drugs is wrong and people who is in the public eyes who are suppose to be influence on our children is becoming a disappointment cuz they are dying from over dose why should we feel sympathy yes for is children not for a adult who new right from wrong and he choose to do what he did useing drugs....l applaud Jared Padalecki opinion and the club of 330 ladies of supernatural will continued to watch on CW.


I don't get why people are hating on JP he right it's not a freakin tragedy! Why is it a tragedy when a star dies then when a normal person dies! I know it's an addiction, but an addiction can be cured with a lot of hard work if it's that important to him! Do you want to know a big tragedy? The apartheid or or both wars and the school shorting! Obviously when someone dies it sucks but it happens everyday it's not a tragedy it's life!! So stop hating he just had the balls to say it and he's right!


I agree with JP. Not so much a tragedy as a senseless and preventable death. Unfortunately Seymour made the choice to take drugs


• a few seconds ago
− A 140 character medium is a difficult forum for putting out
a comment that can easily get misconstrued/read into/twisted. From everything I have ever seen or heard
about JP, he is a thoughtful, well-spoken, kind person. In a format such as Twitter, it is really hard to get a nuanced statement out that is clear in your meaning. I kind of wish he had made more of an effort to make his first statement clearer but I don't think he was necessarily wrong –
I really do agree with what he said.
People LOVE to jump on someone – especially a celebrity - especially the press when they feel it will be sensationalized - the second their "tweet" seems callous (meaning it is not the P.C. thing to say). It seems though that the vast majority of actual people (not media looking for a story) agree with him. Maybe it sounded harsh because all the other stars were jumping on the bandwagon of sound bites that sound good on Entertainment Tonight. Just because he said what he thought does not mean he is an a-hole. It just means he has a different perspective than the one that everyone else is pretending to have and said it. In other words – give him a break and give it a rest. LeVar Burton’s tweet was so much worse (though I don't disagree) so I am wondering where all the vitriol is coming from for Padalecki.


I think saying tragedy may not not be appropriate. If some random person on the street died that word wouldn't be used. However, it's just a word to describe a sad event, nobody should be upset about it's use. Unless it's used for someone like Justin Bieber; then I would be upset. I agree it was senseless and stupid, Jared just never should have said it in a way that sounded like he was saying it wasn't sad.


It's about time a celebrity had the balls to say what most of us are thinking! Of course it's sad: sad that he had two kids, sad that he had a stellar career, sad that he had an addiction problem. But I don't call it a tragedy. Tragedy is a plane crash, childhood cancer, ALS, not something that a person has a chance to overcome. My thoughts are with his family, but I will reserve the word "tragedy" for something else.

Pam leadbetter

His death wasn't a tragady. He made the choice to use drugs, just like all the others who have passed. I feel sorry for the ones that got left behind in this mess, because they have to deal with those that won't let it drop. These children of the idiots have lost a parent. DRUGS WERE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THEY WERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE A CHOICE, MAKE THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS. YOU ARE LETTING THE DEMONS WIN.


I agree with JP. Just like Corey Montieth wasn't a tragedy, this wasn't either. I have lived with addiction first hand and they made that choice to use and destroy themselves and their families. It is indeed very sad, but not a tragedy.


I think Jared had the right to say his opinion on the matter. There have been celebrities that have passed from doing drugs. It is a shame but they will be missed. I think they should be remembered for their roles in movies and not for the mistakes they made.


FINALLY!!! Someone has the backbone to say how he really feels about the senceless ways so many celebrities are dying. I, for one, feel for the families these selfish individuals leave behind, to them I send my prayers.

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