Happy 40th Birthday, Jillian Michaels!

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Jillian Michaels is now 40 years old.

Keep that in mind as you toggle through the following photos and try not to feel too terrible about yourself.

The Biggest Loser star has been in the news recently as a result of various happenings on that NBC competition:

First, she was actually caught cheating for her team. Then, the camera zeroed in on Jillian's face when she learned how much weight (155 pounds!!!) Rachel Frederickson dropped to win the latest title.

We're equally shocked by how a 40-year old can stay in this kind of shape. Well done, Jillian!

Send her your birthday wishes and be impressed by her body here:


Jillian Michaels looks like a Hanoi Jane Fonda wannebe, but has kept her on TV. Her newest apprentice Rachel Frederickson has lost enough weight to be Teddy Fred's next Rachel Wicked Witch on the next Wizard of Oz sequel. So congrats.

@ Roberto+Courlander+Gonzlez

she looks really BAD. also has an attitude to mach.. she is not a very good anything.

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