Happy 22nd Birthday, Taylor Lautner!

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Taylor Lautner has given so much to fans over the years.

Most notably, of course, he's given us oodles upon oodles of Taylor Lautner shirtless photos.

So, on the occasion of this actor's 22nd birthday, the least we can do is send some best wishs back his way, don't you think?

Lautner, of course, shot to fame alongside Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga. 

The career of this Grand Rapids native has somewhat stalled since, though he cracked us up as Frat Boy Andy in Grown Ups 2. He'll star in Tracers later this year.

And he stars in the following photo gallery right now! Click through 22 HAWT pictures of the brand new 22-year old and try not to get any drool on your keyboard:

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Happy birthday taylor tell edward I. Love him And bella and all the cullens


Happy birthday, Taylor - and best of luck on your BBC venture! (And for the record, I'd hardly call his career 'stalled' considering he's headlined 3 major movies in the last 3 years, is starring in another that's about to be released, and he had a significant cameo in Grown Ups 2, which was arguably the best part of that movie.)


Happy birthday taylor!!!!!! Huge fan!!! I hope you have the best birthday ever!!


Happy birthday Taylor lautner i love u and i wish i could see u in person like in real life lol?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! :) hope u have the best bday :)


Happy 22nd Birthday Taylor! Have a lovely day and feel 22... if you want to. God bless :)


Happy 22nd birthday Taylor Lautner!!! I didn't realize at first but then I searched you up and it said that today is your bday. Have a great one!


Happy birthday handsome Taylor, I smile around you seeing your perfection, you're a lovely man!!

@ Sabina

Their all great comments but, mine will be meaning full when I say them in person


Hey Taylor. Happy Brithday..:-D


Happy birthday taylor I hope you have a wonderful birthday today I wish I could be with you on your birthday I miss you and I love you

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Taylor Lautner got his huge break in Hollywood when he was cast as Jacob Black in the Twilght franchise. He also appeared on the UPN... More »
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