Father of Three Regrets Having Kids in Surprisingly Candid Video

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Even the best parents have bad days.

But one dad on Reddit acknowledges that he gets "almost nothing" out of being a father and if he could go back in time he wouldn't have children at all.

Lucky for his kids (I guess?), he posted his rant anonymously on Reddit, so his kids may never figure out that their dad thinks of them as huge mistakes. The production company Gotta Kid to Feed had an actor do a dramatic reading - sort of an overly dramatic reading complete with extra sad music - of Anonymous Dad's confession:

Besides this rant, he sounds like an average guy in his 30's and reports he has a good relationship with his wife and his three kids under the age of 5 have no major problems.

But his list of things he hates is pretty extensive:

" I hate coming home from work and having to watch the kids by myself... I hate never being able to travel. I hate that I don't have my weekends off anymore... I hate being stuck in a job that I don't enjoy because of our financial situation."

Being an overwhelmed parent who feels a sense of loss over your old, kid-free life is nothing new, but maybe if you hate your life so much you describe it as "pure stress" you need to get some help. Or maybe he's just the one dad who was willing to put it all out there.

Let's just hope he keeps confessions like this anonymous and never, ever tells his kids how he feels.


And on the opposite end...I was having a conversation with a 63 year old man just last week who did not have children and he now regrets it! Lessons of life...I guess.


Sad excuse of a husband dad and man. I swearr. Then why the hell did u not stop at one?? Being they are all under 5 and completley healthy. You should be grateful. Not "anonymously" sayin you hate your life job and family.

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