Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Lies Unravel: Release Proves She Agreed to Sequel!

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Farrah Abraham is an unabashed, pathological liar. Plain and simple.

Not a very good one, either, as the revisionist sex tape history she insists on trying to spin to the public has been debunked yet again in epic fashion.

With Vivid set to release the sequel to the Farrah Abraham sex tape this week (just in time for Valentine's Day!!!), she insists she didn't agree to this.

She did, via an official release. Which TMZ has obviously produced.

Farrah Lies

Abraham is livid over Vivid's upcoming Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, and has been crying on Couples Therapy and to the media, playing the victim.

She might wish she hadn't agreed to the sequel, but she clearly did.

Below, you can see the email that Farrah sent to the porn distributor, in which Abraham legally gives the company the right  "to release video or Videos(s)."

That's right. "Videos(s)." So plural it has another, unnecessary "s."

Farrah Release

You knew this had to be the case all along. Obviously, Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch would not be putting out a video in any way without a binding legal agreement.

Still, it's amazing just how blatantly and unscrupulously the 22-year-old will tell lies, despite clear evidence contradicting almost everything she says.

Farrah claims she's not a porn star, but just like her initial tall tale that this was a leaked sex tape, her sob story about the sequel not being approved is BS.

Here's a very NSFW look at what you can expect, too ...


What an ugly twat, if she could she would sell her fugly child into white slavery and let her do kiddie porn. I can't wait for her 3rd sex tape where she lets 300 niggers gangbang her in every orrifice.


Only "Trilogy" in Farrah Abraham's future will b when Vivid release's her 3rd porno! & it looks like she signed the rights away 4 them do it 2. Like she said "she's the best woman on couples therapy" YUKO
But what realy made me gag,when dr Jen said "Farrahs been nothing but forthright, but this 1 thing re: tape". UM... isnt getting on the show via a FAKE boyfriend, & keepn the lie up, the most Unethical move any1 act on?


This girl, just like all the others on un'reality' shows like the one she was first on, care about NOTHING but themselves, their image, the fame, etc. How often have we heard someone on one of these shows say they're doing it so they can show others how to make the right decisions, be a good example, etc? Answer? NEVER! I knew it was all BS from the start. If she REALLY cared about her reputation, her daughter etc. she'd have never done a TV show & DEFINITELY would have never done a porno, especially with a leading figure in the industry. Even if you assume she did the first video & then a short time later, realized it was a huge mistake & VERY bad example for her daughter, she would have been FURIOUS & threatened legal action & done EVERYTHING she could to prevent its release. You can't admit willingly doing a porn THEN try to play the mommy card either. As far as her claim she has been repeatedly drugged & raped while attending adult conventions/promos, I'm sure that's BS too. I'm not condoning that kind of behavior from a man either but VIVID is not a small time or new company. They're a LARGE multi-million dollar business & have been around for years. They're not going to put her or anyone they represent in a situation that would knowingly lead to rape. Conventions/public appearances have security, even for the adult industry. They (VIVID) are not going to leave themselves open to a lawsuit or criminal charges by being that careless. IF she was drugged/attacked she should demand an investigation. However, if something happened while she was with a person(s) on her own without the promoters knowledge & away from the site of the convention/promotion, the fault is on her & whoever attacked her, NOT the promoters.


this is what happens when u lie on Titan Porno Co's. They'll go bak 4 ur jugular! Farrahs fake accusations of being druged & raped @ porno convenventions was 2 much She pissed em off bein the rat she IS! Question is: will this teach her a lesson bout humbleness yet? Reading her delusional comments bout Taylor bein "jealous" of her (gag), I think not. CPS Plz swoop in & save that child, Sophia!!


On Couples Therapy when Farrah started talking about how she couldn't talk about her problem cuz of Legal obligations I knew there was a contract and more tapes to follow. I believe Farrah really likes this Trashy life cuz it fits her personality. I wish her mother would take her daughter from her cuz Farrah is on a downward spiral


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