Farrah Abraham: Diagnosed With Sexual Depression!

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Couples Therapy, also known as the Farrah Abraham therapy show, just keeps getting better/worse. She has been diagnosed with "sexual depression."

Seriously. Abraham coined the term first, but therapist Dr. Jenn Berman said it's a good term to describe her issues when it comes to doing the deed.

"When I’m going to date somebody," she said, "I’m thinking about, ‘Oh, if I have sex with this person, ‘I’m just wondering why they’re wanting to have sex."

"I just always feel like they’re always trying to control me in some way," the reality star went on, "like they’re trying to f--king break me in some way."

While it's far from surprising that Farrah Abraham has sexual issues, it's sad in a way to hear this, assuming she's being at all sincere on the show.

It has to be at least a little sincere, right? She's 22, unattached, and at least moderately attractive. The insecurity issues are clearly off the charts.

What we've been watching may be the symptoms of her issues, not the cause, and compared to some of her co-stars, she's downright sympathetic.

Yes, she's a pathological liar. But she may not be able to help that, either.

At least she didn't spring a secret girlfriend of two years on her significant other and expect her to be fine with it (talking to you, Ghostface Killah).

Or call her significant other a "p---y", argue over every minute detail and act like the biggest douche this side of Justin Bieber (cough, Jon Gosselin).

Or Taylor Armstrong. In general. What a painful individual.

In Farrah's case, she mostly hurts herself, and this week, Dr. Jenn teased that Farrah has shared some of the "most horrific things" she's ever heard.

What do you think those things could be? And is it possible we've been too hard on her over the past year? Share your comments with us below ...


I better see what kind of depression I am suffering from...This woman has problems....serious problems....Plus she cries alot...she is suffering from some type of mental illness or depression that is for sure.
Jon Gosselin, haven't you made enough of a fool out of yourself? Dress up? You look like a homey...You are a 40 something father of 8 with another douche bag woman in your life...


All this story does is make me glad I don't watch this reality crap. What is this show called couples therapy? I think Jon Gossland also on this program airing his dirty linen. With cable or satellite there are hundreds of better shows. Rerun are preferable.


Well sweetheart, that's what happens when you objectify yourself. This so-called sexual "depression" is coming from the fact that guys are only looking at her as piece of meat and they want that freak from the sex tape. THAT'S WHY THEY WANT TO HAVE SEX!!!!!!! How will her daughter feel when AND if she's old enough to understand. Reality must be a bit hard to face, eh Farrah. And it's painfully obvious that Dr.Jen and everyone else can see straight through this heiffa's bullshit.


Good to read something about her that's not yet another character assassination piece. She's still young and learning.

@ TonyC

Ok....ummm I know lot's of young women who are "still learning" and they don't lie constantly, make p0rn & sex toys & they don't blatantly disrespect the parents who have done so much for them. Her parents may have their issues, but come on...she leaves Sophia with her dad 90% of the time so he can't be THAT bad. There's no excuse for this girl but just a really BAD personality.

@ TonyC

The only person that's assassinating Farrah's character is Farrah. Yeah she's still young and learning but that's no excuse for not wanting to face reality.


I hope they find her like the found PSH in his best Sunday outfit




..............................Hang The Pope?


Farrah IS a proven liar! Whatever she's saying 2 dr Jen is fiction. & she's Proven that she's no better off mentally now, after this show by all the nasty rants 2 the cast on twitter. If u care 2 see the real deal/story Farrah go 2 utube "The Test" She's there w/her parents & cant hide her disdain 4 them. Made me tear up. Then at the final second mark, we see Sophia & her face just looks so angry 4 a little baby. Very telling. Very sad2.

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