Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell to Star on Teen Mom Reunion Specials

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Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell are reuniting on MTV. Sort of. The network is airing catch-up specials on the three original Teen Mom stars.

A lot has happened since they first starred on 16 & Pregnant, for sure.

Stars of Teen Mom

One of the four women pictured above has become a full-on porn star.

One of them has done a year and a half of time in an Indiana prison.

One continues to have relationship issues with her fiance/stepbrother.

One does not have a catch-up special coming up for some reason.

No clue why Maci Bookout won't be joining Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Lowell, but those three will each be featured Sunday night.

MTV will air three one-hour documentary specials back-to-back-to-back. They'll be called Being Farrah, Being Catelynn, and Being Amber, airing in that order.

They should've gone with Being Inside Farrah. Too much, maybe?

For more on that, follow the link for stills and the trailer for the newly-released Farrah Abraham sex tape sequel. Then relive the craziest Teen Mom moments below!

Kailyn Lowry Fight
Domestic violence is not just for Amber Portwood. Kailyn Lowry gets into a fight with now husband Javi on Teen Mom 2.

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I like Catelynn and Tyler. I hope they make it and get married.


I don't know why they would do a follow-up on Farrah The Psycho when everyone already knows what she is doing. Standing some where telling another Damn Lie


Maci already had a follow-up special. "Being Maci" aired August 18, 2013. It does seem weird that they are not re-airing it, or that MTV didn't give the other moms their own specials back when hers aired.

@ Callie

"Being Maci" was supposed to be a full series but mtv decided not to greenlight it. Instead they just used the footage they filmed for a one-time special. Then they decided they would film Amber getting out of prison because that's interesting. Then they figured they might as well film Farrah & Catelynn too and just model the episodes after "Being Maci".

@ Callie

It is being re-aired its on the line up right before Being Farrah


Damn I'd make a porn with all them at the same damn time!


Damn I'd make a porn with all them at the same damn time!


Damn I'd make a porn with all them at the same damn time!


Thinkn bak on Farrah on "16 & Prgnt" & "Teen Mom", she had NO frnds then. Always cryin 2 her mom 2 help her w/them 2like her. Now wartchn "Couples Therapy" looks like she has the same issue w/nobody getn along w/her. Bein shut out frm a porn co, 4 throwin em undr the bus w/lies, is about as low in life as a grl can sink. Lower than the naked bondg stills of her all over the web evn.


B intrstn 2 see if MTV acknldgs Farrahs Porn/Lies/Child Neglect?
I heard she was @ a fashn show, frnt row, when she walkd in the room the place eruptd in laughtr, then some grl yelld out, "Hey Farrah we've seen your asshole!" No Joke! (c:Z100radio)