Ellen Page: Supported, Admired, Applauded by Hollywood

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It's not everyday that a former Oscar nominee announces herself as a lesbian.

So, with Ellen Page coming out as gay in a moving speech Friday at an LGBT event in Las Vegas Friday, a slew of stars have taken to Twitter to applaud the actress' bravery.

Here are a few examples of those who may be reciting some Juno quotes this weekend in honor of the actress:

Ellen Page
Ellen Page made a major announcement in early 2014: She's gay. We applaud her for it.

Emile Hirsch: Props to @EllenPage for helping so many people through their daily struggles by courageously leading by example and coming out on V Day!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Love love LOVE @EllenPage & the message she sent out today! What a perfect way to end Valentines Day!

Jaime King: Congrats @EllenPage for sharing your Light, integrity and truth with us all. Both onscreen and off. I have great admiration for you.

Kate Mara: Hey @EllenPage...Be my Valentine? #respect

Mia Farrow: Beautiful, eloquent speech!!  We love you @ellenpage

Anna Kendrick: Mad mad mad mad mad mad crazy love and praise for @EllenPage today. Congrats to you, you light, talent, and beauty. 

Ricky Martin: Very beautiful Ellen Page!!! IM very happy for you!!! You are free!

Patrick Wilson: Congratulations, @EllenPage...such a thrilling speech. :) 

Josh Gad: Thank you @EllenPage for your eloquence, courage and incredible Valentine's message. #amazingrolemodel

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Of course she is; watch the documentary "sunset strip" Hollywood actors have no peace, no morals, no fear in their creator.
How many of these teens are on cocaine? How many stars admitted to attempting suicide? How many times has Melissa ethridge been married? Boy George? Ellen? Perez Hilton? But tim Tebow is happy. Payton manning isn't out running with groupies. Kirk Cameron and Candice Cameron are mentally stable. This world is full of people refusing to face reality.


.........I will hug her for sure.
and more!!