Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: Who Did Abby Ream Out This Week?

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Following the insane confrontation between Abby and Kelly that ended last week's episode, Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 8 picked up in its aftermath.

Kelly Hyland, as many already know or could have expected based on the fight (below), is barred from the studio after feeling the wrath of Abby Lee Miller.

The only question remaining: What and who would she go off about next?!

You can watch Dance Moms online to see it all unfold for yourself, but we begin with Kira and Kalani joining the team, replacing Brooke and Paige.

The setting for this week is Virginia's FIERCE National Dance, and we're not talking about Abby Lee Miller gnashing her teeth at her adversaries.

Although she does do that sort of thing. Like a lot.

This is an INTENSE competition, and on the docket is a solo for Nia, a duet for Chloe and Maddie, and also one for the two newbies. Feel the tension.

It's put up or shut up (or get up and get out) time.

Turns out Mackenzie won't be involved in the special routines because she is recording two tracks in L.A. (seriously), much to the happiness of mom Melissa.

Christi then rebuffs Melissa's offer to get together, and Mackenzie struggles under Abby's tutelage with regard to her singing, which she says needs more fire.

Mackenzie leaves the studio a bit despondent. Won't be the last time.

As their daughters rehearse, the moms discuss Kelly, whether she'll return, whether she'd even want to, whether the cops and lawyers are involved, etc.

We all know the answer to that by now ... but more on that in a second.

In the competition, Kalani and Kendall are good but not great, Chloe is solid and Maddie seems off. Nia cries in the dressing room after her headpiece falls off.

Abby reams out Christi for doing a poor job and yanks away Nia's solo(s).

The group dance takes first prize, meaning Kalani will be sticking around at least one more week and all is right with the Lifetime reality show ... or is it?

Naturally, Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 8 does not end on a high note.

Abby tells the moms that Kelly Hyland has been arrested following her actions of the previous week and will not be coming back, so you can quit asking.

She will be suing Miller, at least, so we have that to look forward to.


I think the producers of the show not only condone Abby's sick behavior but request it in order to get ratings. Having said that I still totally blame Abby for her treatment of the kids. She is laughing all the way to the bank while the damage she is doing to those young minds I can only imagine. They are kids and don't have the fully developed psyche of an adult. I can't wait for karma to bite her in the butt.


This show has turned so dark with Abby verbally abusing those poor kids if we as parents did that to our own kids they would be put in foster care. Aside from that if the new kids are great it is none of abby's doing someone else taught those kidsand she wants to take credit for that when all she is doing is to do the choreography for them. Poor Chloe she is the one right now who is really being abused. How can the mothers stand by week after week and allow their little children to be treated this way what kind of self esteem will they have as adults? I enjoy seeing them dance, the studio should set limits to ow abby lee treat s those children or soon that show will be off the air. (no viewers).abby you are truly a sick woman. All of these mothers pay for classes just to be foils for maddie. thats bad, bad,bad. just saying.


Some of the moms are so mean to there children!!!!


I love u abbey


Abby lee should be locked up she started that fight, she must have been a spoiled hateful child to be such a bullying adult, I only watch it to see kids dance , they made the show and I like kelly and Christi


I'm so grossed out by the way these girls are treated. especially the way she has treated Chloe the first years we were watching her she was the best dancer she had.. Chloe was just beautiful and she still is. my husband and I have watched this show because we just love the girls we don't like the favorites that Abby has....Abby
is a child abuser she should not be allowed to be around children she needs to behave like a human being. we are no longer going to watch the show but I just want to say good luck to all the little dancers.. the sad part is that we have been watching this show since it started and we are going to miss the young dancers.. but we just cannot watch this anymore. Abby should be put in jail for what she is doing.. if we did what abby is doing we would be thrown in jail shame on the producers for allowing abby to abuse these children and I think that the mothers are under contract so I think that the producers need to control this because it's so so incorrect


This show is now out of hand. Abby is a verbally abusive to these children and in my opinion this kind of behavior should not be shown on tv. I dont care if it brings in ratings, enough is enough! Compare the way the children acted in the first season of dance moms to now, the difference is significant. Dance was something these children enjoyed, now, it is something they fear of doing every time they perform in a competition due to the possible retaliation by their so called "dance coach". Abby should be ashamed for treating these children the way she does. I think it is time that someone reminds her that if it wasn't for these children and their mothers her a** would be bankrupted right now! I appreciate the talent Abby has as a choreographer and a dance coach however the manner in which she talks to these children is outrageous and I believe it is now time for Lifetime to step in and take charge of the situation. We must all remember that verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse and these beautiful talented children deserve better!


Abby is disgusting it's about time someone told this woman these children are children she is paid to teach them not treat them like dogs, my granddaughters watched this and we're horrified at Abbey


Abbey is disgusting how she treats those children, especially Chloe, Chloe is a beautiful little girl and a beautiful dancer she is much better than Sophia she has the passion, love her and her mom x


I don't think she should be allowed around children.