Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Pyramid Scheme

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Tuesday night's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 7 did not lack for drama as the competition, and tension, heated up on Lifetime's hit reality series.

Abby told Jill about a new scheme to have a junior team compete with her present squad, though Abby assures Jill that Maddie will always have a spot.

The pyramid features Chloe, Kendall and Nia on the bottom, with Mackenzie; Brooke and Paige are the second row, with Maddie, obviously, on top.

In New York, Paige and Chloe performed solos, with Paige and Chloe doing a duet titled "Wishbone" and the entire group going all out on "Elegant Revenge.

The moms are not pleased with the new team of elite dancers, while Abby lectures Pagie and the drama really commences on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 7.

Abby wants to build a team of Maddies, basically, but no one there is perfect, not even the one she gives a second chance to after the mom begged for it.

In the dressing room, Abby tells the team to use their face and attitude. At the same time, Kelly's backstage offering Paige encouragement, and it pays off.

Abby then wants to enter Kalani and Maddie's duet for in competition, and it goes fairly well, despite the music stopping prior to the dancing concludes.

Abby then announces Kalina is a new team member and, tells Brooke to "grow the Hell up," which leads to Kelly losing her mind and a fight breaking out.

Good times, as always. All class. And we can't do it justice here.

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I love to watch these girls dance but Abbey lee Miller needs to stop treating them like dogs, yes it's about time she was investigated if the moms stick up for there girls she takes it out of the girls that's not fair


I agree with the person that says sadly I will have to stop watching this show. It is impossible to believe mothers would allow another adult to treat there children with such disrespect and bullying. I myself find the behavior disgusting and very sad. The mothers appear to be educated but as far as doing what is in the best interest for the development and growth of their children I see it lacking..I will really miss the beautiful dancing of these lovely young women.


I thought to be able to dance later with famous dancing groups that this would be a stepping stone. I don't think that those professional groups are going to hold hands with these girls, they are going to be put to the test. Kelly actually may start her own dance group since she had all the answers and believes she is the boss.


I think the Children's Youth and Family of Pittsburgh should conduct a thorough investigation of this team and how these girls are verbally abused, by this this teacher Abby. Furthermore, the mothers should be investigated as to why they bring their children to the dance studio for verbal and mental abuse. Maybe someone from the area could report what they know. Or maybe this is all a bunch of fake crap and that is why nothing is being done. Producers you could also be liable if abuse is proved in court and you did nothing to stop this.


Lifetime please pull the plug on this show. I'm tired of watching these poor girls being abused week after week. The public watches the show to see Chloe, Brooke,Nia, Paige, Kendall, Mackenzie and Maddie not you. They made you famous and all the other dancers attending your auctions are doing so to be on TV , not to take lessons from you. They already have amazing teachers. It was the public's love of your dancers that pulled you out of bankruptcy and you repay them by degrading them and pulling a Candy Apple by bringing in other teachers prodigies. I will no longer watch this travesty. Dance Moms--I know you're under contract but get a lawyer and get out of it for the mental health of your daughters. Or better yet let all the team minus Maddie & Mackenzie as they will never leave, go to another teacher who will actually teach and encourage them. Let Lifetime start that show. I'm confidant it would be an instant hit.

@ momcwilli

I agree. Take the team to another teacher. I will watch that show. Abby is nuts, cruel, and turning into Cathy. The girls and their beautiful dancing are why I watch. Who really cares about winning. If Abby were a better teacher, she would have the team she dreams of. Now she has to take those dancers who were made by better teachers.


Sadly I will have to stop watching as well. Abby believes that outscreaming anyone makes her right. Kelly showed great restraint in not just punching Abby's lights out. Abby could not have been so injured that she needed that ice pack. I'm shocked she didn't want an ambulance.


why do anyone watch this stuff. They act like kids, Lifetime should be a shame to even put this crap on TV. Abby treat the kids like dogs she is so mean to them and she bullies everyone one she talks to. I just cant believe this show has been on as long as it has. We must be running out of ideals for shows get it together people.What is this world coming to......... CRAZY LIFETIME WAKE OUT AND TAKE THIS SH>>>>T OFF TV PLEASE........


I'm relieved that Brooke and Paige no longer have to put up with Abby's emotional abuse. Kelly was wrong for slapping Abby and pulling her hair, but I can understand why she was at her boiling point. If Chloe is serious about dancing, then it would be in her best interest to leave ALDC. Abby does not want to nurture her talent, and her abilities have decreased because of it. If anything, I thank Abby for helping Chloe to develop more compassion because of beating her down so often. I hate to admit this, but I no longer enjoy watching Maddie dance, even though she's great. Maddie has always been a gifted girl with natural star quality and an impeccable work ethic, but Abby and her mom are ruining her personality. I hope she doesn't turn into a conceited egomaniac.


These young ladies are very special and my heart goes out to them and their moms.As much as I like watching these girls dance I' going to stop watching I can not stand Abby that women has got to have some kind of problem.And if she is going to teach dance may be she needs to loss some of that fat before coming on TV and then get a heart you do not talk to people the way she does.May be that's why she talks to the girls like that because she is so fat and she wants to take it out on the young girls.I wish Kellie had knocked her lights out and besides there is always CANDY APPLE.But I do need to quit watching her she makes my BP go out of the roof.


There obviously aren't any certifications nor standards if you want to be a dance teacher, or else Arby would not be able to teach in any state! She doesn't appear to have a decent bone in her body and it makes me wonder if she grew up in an environment where she was always put down, a lazy slug, easily replaced, never good enough....At her age, she needs to get over it, grow up, don't repeat the cycle, get counselling, whatever! She is ruining these girls self esteem. I am sick of watching her tear people down. If the mom's stuck together, Arby would have a hard time dealing with them. I don't think Kristi could be part of any mom group as she is always starting fights, making excuses, ect. If the moms could mimic Holly's classy attitude
Arby wouldn't be able to pull all her crap. I don't understand why the moms are letting their girls stay in this toxic environment, as Arby gets rid of one kid at a time, once she acclimates a new girl. If she lost all her girls at once, she would realise what she really is...NOTHING! Good Luck girls and mom's, I am no longer going to watch this show.