Bruce Jenner: The Next Michael Jackson?!

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Is Bruce Jenner suffering from the same dangerous addiction to plastic surgery that Michael Jackson infamously fell victim to over his troubled existence?

According to family sources cited by TMZ today, you bet.

He's not changing his identity, just in the midst of a severe mid-life crisis and is becoming addicted to plastic surgery, to the chagrin of the Jenner and Kardashian families.

Happy Bruce Jenner
The Late King of Pop

There are rumors that Bruce's escalating interest in surgery - most recently getting his Adam's Apple removed - is part of a plan for gender reassignment.

The family isn't buying the Bruce Jenner sex change rumor, but fears his new look is part of an ongoing, "Michael Jackson´╗┐-like obsession with plastic surgery." ┬á

They say Bruce, 64, is struggling to regain his youth.

After being married to Kris Jenner and having the life sucked out of you for over two decades, you can understand that to a point ... but is he going too far?

People point to the fact that he's moved to Malibu, grown his hair long and into a ponytail, drives a Harley, and has surgically changed his nose and neck.

Moreover, the family has actually counseled Bruce Jenner against all the surgery, saying he was a very good looking man to begin with, but he wouldn't listen.

"He loves sports, helicopters and cars," says a family insider, calling Bruce "super manly" at heart ... even if you wouldn't know it from recent pictures.

Bruce's sons Brody and Brandon Jenner, daughters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and stepkids Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian are all concerned.

At the Sherwood Country Club, he apparently talks often about the '76 Olympics where he won gold in the decathlon. He was certainly young then.

What do you think? Is Bruce a plastic surgery addict? Where does he rank among other celebs who have going under the knife to a dangerous degree?

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Sorry guys, but to be honest, this is just a tabloid blow up. Who gives a shit about what Bruce Jenner is doing to his face? Is it any of their business? If this is true, its a personal hoice and shouldn't be plastered over sites like this. And by the way Michael Jackson was not obsessed with plastic surgery. You can't pass these sorts of judgments because you didn't know him personally and you can never understand his reasons. What does plastic surgery have to do with MJ's music or Bruce Jenner's accomplishments as an Olympian? Appearance isn't absolutely everything. Sorry to rant, but this needed to be said. People need to put their time into things like starving children in Africa instead of reporting this sort of filth about someone's personal life.


Bruce! Being rich and famous really has its own problems! The Kardashian got famous and you go2 shit! Midlife crisis??? Wow!!! He wants to get back in the publics eye! No matter how stupid he is! He learned some lessons from the Kardashian BOMBS! Good or bad publicity is still publicity!?!?!?!?!?


C Mon guys leave Bruce alone. Poor guy
has been henpecked for years. He needs do whatever makes him happy


Bruce was a gorgeous man years ago, now he looks like an old woman.

@ Kellie

Kdashians ruined that sweet man


Oh Please, Hollywood itself if addicted to plastic surgery so do not limit this to MJ. Look at Mrs.Phyllis Dillar when she was alive, the lion lady, and many more. And lets not bring up non famous people who is getting surgery nowadays.


he looks discusting, to say the least. anything thing else and he would be
someone i wouldnt want to be seen in public with.seems like you could put some of the blame on kris, poor thing didnt know how well she had it
made, i would dump her in a heart beat if i were him.she is so stuck on her self, it probably hurt his self estiem


he looks gross. stop the plastic surgery bruce. you are not going to get younger. so suck I up and act like the age you are. you look ridiculous.


well, he almost looks as bad.


It sounds like he's just making some of his own decisions for his own peace of mind. Seems like he's exerting some if his own power. Why not? Not hurting anyone else.


He is going to look fine. He is making a few minor adjustments in his looks and I believe he just wants a new boost in life and wants to make himself feel a little better after being with Kris so long.

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