Brooke Candy: Kissing Miley Cyrus on Instagram!

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On Saturday night, Miley Cyrus kissed a girl - and she must have liked it.

A short while after this artist made out with Katy Perry on stage, a photo of Miley also swapping spit with singer Brooke Candy has surfaced.

Candy posted it last night and then Miley Tweeted it today along with the caption: 

“My new label sista! Welcome to @RCA bishhhy! Happy 2 have you apart of da fam bam.”

Brooke Candy Kisses Miley Cyrus

This is definitely one sure way for Candy to announce herself on the music scene.

Miley, of course, has gotten to first base with women before.

She kissed Cara Delevingne once and posted the image as a statement about LGBT rights.

She also made out with a dancer during a Britney Spears concert in Las Vegas.

Enjoy more girl-on-girl action now!

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just women being women


Is any one else sick of Miley Cyrus???????? Holy Cow! Enough already. What a message she is sending to young girls. I wouldn't let my kids get in gun shot of her stupid, vulgar shows, music or pictures.


She's rude to play around at being gay. Many men and women have died fighting for gay equality. Miley picks it up and bats it around like a fun little idea she can use to make guys think she is hot and exploits until it doesn't benefit her any more. It's the ultimate disrespect for gay people and why any gay fans like her is beyond me. She is a real child with an empty and lonely heart.

@ Gay faker

I agree!!!

@ Gay faker

You are absolutely right. Well said!