Brooke Burke-Charvet on Leaving Dancing With the Stars: "They Fired Us All!"

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She's losing her job to Erin Andrews, but former Dancing With the Stars host Brooke Burke-Charvet is keeping her sense of humor about the situation.

And the Winner is?

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"Here's the skinny - The show found out Harold Wheeler, the band, Rob & me were putting together our own road show, so they fired us all!" the long time host tweeted.

Harold Wheeler, the musical director, is also out of a job.

Don't worry though, she was totes kidding:

"Off to bed with my sense of humor. I was totally kidding Tweeties. Night nite! Sweet dreams," Brooke added. "I'm really cool everyone. I did my 7 seasons, had a blast!"

"I'm ready for change. I love your loyalty. Thank you!"

Pretty classy response after the producers' surprising move to can her.

ABC has confirmed that after seven seasons of hosting duties, Brooke Burke is not returning to Dancing With The Stars this coming season.

She's being replaced with Erin Andrews, Season 10 DWTS contestant and ever-present sports reporter hottie extraordinaire.

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erin pls go back to sport and we want Brook back she is the best


That's great that Erin Andrews is taking Brook's place on DWTS. She is way better looking and good friends with Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks, Super Bowl Champs. Richard is from Compton, CA. Anyway, maybe more Mike asses from Georgia like Erin's Mike stalker from Georgia will go to prison for false imprisonment and cyber interstate stalking,and, illegal computer intrusions and ads terrorizing people which are cartel based. People arent wanting to be in the movie The Counselor with Michael Fassbender and Kelly Crazy Bitch.

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