Being Farrah Abraham: MTV Special Shows Teen Mom Trying Not to Screw Up Daughter

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MTV treated viewers to three "Being Teen Mom" specials last night, because all of us have been wondering just what Farrah Abraham is up to these days.

All of us who have missed the tabloid articles, music videos, sex tapes (plural), talk show interviews and other reality shows featuring her, that is.

In that sense, give MTV credit. This wasn't a look inside Farrah Abraham - James Deen already gave us that ... WHAT?! - but a glimpse at her daughter's life.

Has Farrah completely screwed up her Sophia's life like you might assume?

The surprising answer to that question - notwithstanding the pacifier shoved into the girl's mouth AT AGE FOUR - is probably not as much as you'd think.

Call her what you want, but the now-22-year-old puts in the time and effort.

Farrah gets her ready for school, spends car rides quizzing her on math problems, puts her in time out when the situation calls for it. Just like any mom!

It certainly SEEMS like Sophia Abraham has a pretty normal life for a toddler, filled with preschool and dance class and a bedroom of stuffed animals.

This isn't to say all is well in the life of the Abraham girls, however.

In Farrah's "office," she has a giant Girls & Corpses magazine cover and even a shot of the cover of the sex tape she often pretends ruined her life.

Sophia spends time in this office, mind you, which is just weird.

She also has her own tanning booth in the house. Totes normal.

Abraham deserves credit for trying to be a good mom; the level of effort she puts in is something a lot of us might not have realized had it not been for this.

The perception that Sophia does her own thing and that Farrah neglects and ignores her is at least partially off base. The reality star is very much involved.

However, she clearly doesn't see the potential long-term impact of her near-term decision-making and how Sophia is likely to be affected down the line.

Case in point: Asked about Sophia learning about the Farrah Abraham sex tape, she says no one would bring up her sex life to her kid unless they're "sick and twisted."

Right. That will totally never happen to Sophia. Ever.

There's also the broader consideration of setting an example a young person can emulate. If Sophia looks at her mom's lifestyle choices .... look out.

But hey. She's trying, people. She's trying.


Farrah really is just Dumb. Psycho says that no one will mention her "sex life" to her daughter unless their twisted. Well hears a news Flash Psycho the World that we live in is Twisted and the kids will repeat every word their parents say about U to Ur daughter Dumbass. No one can be this Dumb


Wait a mnt! 1)Sophia calld her "EVIL" Twice-2)when put in time out Farrah angrily threatd 2 "stomp on her foot" as if that was their norm- 3)Sophia has NO playfriends- 4)The whole spcl was clealry shot as a "set up" NO way any1 dresses up or is made up like that around the home evryday- 5)Sophias complainin bout "2much camera time" & Farrah Forces her- 6) @dinnr time, Sophias allowd 2 eat choco cake instead of a healthy meal- 7) 5yr Sophia still has a pacifier cuz Farrah is 2 neglignt 2 care bout her teeth- 8)1st thing Farrah says 2 her "abusive" mom is "can u take care of Sophia so I can out?- 9)has nastybikini photos of herslf all ovr wall w/old men 4 Sophia 2 qustn & emulate-10)Refuses 2 acknoldg the deep pain her naked/bndg/photos/videos/Lies all ovr web will have on Sophia later w/xtreme bullying twrds her-11)This was clearly 1 of the only times Sophia has evn seen her mom recntly! (easy 2 tell by reaction frm teacher who was surpsd 2 see her)
Farrah cant go back to Vivid (she burnd that bridge) 2 shoot anothr proftbl Porno so I wondr how long she'll b able 2 keep her mansion & maserarti? Doesnt the IRS take 1/2? Isnt the paid boyfrnd BDawe sueing her 4 slander 4 saying he had a "mental brkdwn"? I think she needs a better therapist 4 Sophia & a money mngr now.

@ Heartsofire

Why do you insist on leaving out vowels in nearly EVERY word that you type?! Your comment makes no sense.

@ Mandy

Lmao seriously


no, her daughter loves her, LOOK!!

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