Barbara Walters Defends Woody Allen, Tempers Flare on The View

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The reverberations of Dylan Farrow's sexual abuse allegations against Woody Allen continue to be felt throughout Hollywood.

Over the weekend, the step-daughter of this award-winning director wrote in The New York Times that Allen abused her multiple times when she was a child, calling out specific celebrities in Hollywood for continuing to stand up for their fellow star.

Alec Baldwin has replied by saying the situation is no one's business, while Cate Blanchett has simply said she hopes the family finds peace.

Today on The View, meanwhile, Barbara Walters defended Allen by saying he's a "loving" dad to his two daughters with wife Soon-Yi, while adding that his sexual relationship with then-17-year old Soon-Yi (who was his stepchild at the time they started dating) does not make Dylan's accusations any more likely to be true.

It sure does sound like someone is in major denial here, as Walters' colleagues couldn't believe their ears. Watch the tense exchange now:


BA BA WA WA.....Time to retire!


she isn't a Pedophile, folks!!


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BW needs to get off the air. She's been out of touch with reality years n years ago.


Doesn't make it any less creepy, but let's jut state the facts/


Allen was never her step-father, legally, as he and Farrow were never married.

@ lauren

I'm not legally a step-father to my girlfriend's daughter either, but she considers me to be her father and calls me "dad" and "daddy." Getting involved with your girlfriend's daughter when she's still in high school is soooo wrong. Soon-Yi was learning disabled and had quite a bit of developmental issues. Woody took advantage. And, the story goes, he also made moves on one of the other daughters, too.

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