25 Reasons Your Kid is Crying: Randomly Hilarious Toddler Tantrums Explained!

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Kids. They're the best, but anyone who has them knows how unpredictable and emotional they can become at a moment's notice and for no reason.

No reason from an adult's perspective, that is. To toddlers everywhere, life is one giant meltdown waiting to happen. All we can do sometimes is laugh.

A Tumblr dedicated to one boy's meltdowns, titled "The Reasons My Son Is Crying," seeks to do just that with a photo series of ... well, the title says it all.

Its creator and young Charlie's dad, Greg Pembroke, shares his own experiences and user-submitted pics of those commiserating with the joys of parenting.

Scroll through 25 of the best/worst/most random meltdown scenarios below and see how many of them you can relate to ... or at least get a chuckle at:


I don't find tantrums funny. If you encourage them at a young age, they continue to do them as they get older. I've seen children in elementary school throw horrid tantrums. (Fifth graders, not kindergartners)


I can relate to the broken cheese. My son burst out crying when the food is not whole... it's sad but FUNNY!!! I can't eat it... cause it's broken... and if you try to eat it he gets angrier cause you ate his food. I've had to peel many bananas in my days still have to.


....his diaper is full of shit?

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