19 Royally Hot Kate Middleton Bikini Photos: All Hail the Queen of the Two-Piece!

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Given her status as a member of the British royal family, and mother of the heir of the throne, you'll likely never see Kate Middleton flaunt her bikini body again.

Which is a shame, because it should be illegal to look as amazing as she does, wearing anything or next to nothing ... or to deprive the public of such a sight!

Yes, the fact that paparazzi obtained Kate Middleton pregnant bikini photos on her private holiday is shady, and she has every right to complain about it.

Still, in terms of the end result? She puts the bikini body in body politic, or something that makes a lot more sense. You get where we're going with this.

Duchess Kate = Gorgeous. Bikini pictures of Duchess Kate = Rare, and likely to become even more scarce. So scroll through these 19 and enjoy!


she doesnt have a great body, stop exaggerrating shes too sinny she looks like a dude!!!!


She is not gorgeous. Diana top #1 has the most beautiful Queen ever. May She Rest In Peace. :(


Anytime Kate gets near water the long photo lens are coming out.


yawn....idolizing ppl who are famous for being famous.
are we supposed to get excited over a grainy photo of the backs of 2 ppl doing something very unextraordinary?


Guys ..so what..nothing new...do you want she covers from head to toe...

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