17 Vintage Kate Middleton Photos: Before She Was Royalty ...

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Unlike her husband Prince William, who was born into royalty, Kate Middleton was not always one of the planet's most recognizable human beings.

It's hard to imagine now, since she has become not just globally famous, but a style icon of modern times, but Kate grew up a very regular young woman.

Growing up in England, Middleton was always a natural beauty, albeit a little less polished than the refined 32-year-old who we are familiar with today.

We mean that as a compliment, as the People's Princess retains a down-to-earth charm that's made her infinitely relatable and immensely popular.

Here are 17 vintage Kate Middleton pictures from her childhood, teens and young adulthood, when she made the acquaintance of the future King ...


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Number 7 isn't 'private school uniform' it's from the day she graduated University. As is the first photo of her & William.


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