14 Most Romantic Movies of All-Time: Get The Popcorn Ready

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Valentine's Day is upon us once again. The chocolates! The over priced flowers! The dinner reservations that have to be made a year in advance if there's any hope that you'll be able to eat that night!

The 14 best romantic movies of all time! OF ALL TIME!!!!

Maybe you love every single cheesy part of this Hallmark holiday and can think of nothing more romantic than curling up with your significant other and watching a movie to cap off the night.

(Seriously? You can't think of anything more romantic than this??)

The Notebook
There's not another love story like the one in The Notebook. There just isn't.

Or maybe you hate everything about this day of love yet are somewhat of a masochist and really just want to torture yourself by watching fictional characters find love and have a good, cathartic cry to get over your loneliness and despair.

(Not that I've ever been there or anything. Ahem. I'm gonna go watch Love Actually online.)

If you're in the former camp, The Hollywood Gossip has you covered. And if you're in the latter camp, well, yeah, we've still got your back.

This list of the 14 best romantic movies of all time covers both bases. Toggle through and then hit up your Netflix queue or nearest Redbox. It's gonna be a long night.

What movie do you think deserves to be on this list?

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Guys who are commenting up there, may have not seen movie "The Notebook".. First watch and then comment.. Don't compare it with Titanic or any other movies..all are best at their place.. but this one is really different n outstanding.. It'll blow your mind and definitely make u cry.. One of greatest Romantic movie..must watch!


hay plz upload THE NOTEBOOK movie in hindi


All Romantic Movie Collection http://movieworldmovie.blogspo...


All Romantic Movie Collection http://movieworldmovie.blogspo...


Love is blind.


Endless love


I think it's really a bad list, they also forgot to include A Walk To Remember 😭

@ James Reid

A walk to remember is the best love story ever :)


really its a bad list,,,,,,, I mean how can sum1 4get to place THE TITANIC as the best romantic love story <3 ever... titanic really deserves to b on the TOP of the list


i think 1.romeo+juliet
2.the notebook


indecent prposal was the best romantic movie