11 First Sexual Experiences Summed Up in GIFs: As Awkward as They Are Hilarious!

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So Reddit asked people to sum up their first sexual experiences in GIF form - safe-for-work GIF form, no less - and the result was innuendo-filled comedic gold.

Whether we're talking about celebrities who lost their virginity to other stars or regular folk, there's no better way to sum up the awkwardness of that moment.

If your first time was awesome, you're in the minority. For the rest of the populace, it was weird, confusing, satisfying and more than likely very, very fast.

In short, it was an experience summed up perfectly by these non-offensive, yet still weirdly suggestive GIFs ... most of which require no explanation.

Scroll through 11 of the best submissions to the Reddit thread below:

You know it's about to happen, yet don't quite know what to do with it.

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just write a friendly letter to 'Flynt Publications' to explain things surrounding puberty and see what happens.