Watch Dance Moms Online: Season 4 Episode 1

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Dance Moms kicked off a new season and a new year last night on Lifetime.

It returned with a bang, too, as Abby reminded us that everyone can be replaced, a point that was made throughout Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 1.

Welcome back ... now don't get too comfortable. That was the theme.

Will any or all of the returning kids keep their spot? Or get the chop?

Meanwhile, actress Jana Kramer guest starred on the premiere, playing an interesting role in relation to Brooke? Did the latter finally get a break?

You'll soon find out. To catch up on the guilty pleasure from start to finish, all you have to do is click the photograph below to watch Dance Moms online:

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Well she is kind of horrible to chloe and the others she called poor chloe a sneak poor chloe Abby's really mean like all the time


There possibly her real nails I think?


I really like Abby's nails wonder if there her real nails of fake nails you can get done at the nail salon


No need to be mean calling them fat and ugly


If you punched Abby you would possibly never be aloud in that dance studio ever again so if you were on the show good luck with that


What I think do these dance moms episodes I think Abby is really nice sometimes and sometimes really mean she makes all the kids cry the kids are very lucky to have good mothers like my mother


Abby is just trying to teach their kids Go Out Their And Be The Dancer I know that you can be l wished that I could be on the show KatlynHumphrey


abby is so mean and i really want to be on the show but i dont want to go because i dont want anybody to yeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllll at me.if i was a dance mom i would slap abby or puntch her in the face.nobody is gonna disrespect my child and im only 9 years old.i didnt know that you can be so ugly and mean.i dont know why she pushes the kids because if she had a compation with one of the kids she will loose because she is sooooooo fat.i bet she cant even dance like one of the students.

@ shanyah hall

if you hate it so much why did you look it up on a website

@ shanyah hall

Your obviously not cut out for this

@ Chris mccann

She's never pushed a kid your not even old enough to be watching this show y don't u just stop and that's rude to call someone fat so shame on you one day you will be fat and ugly


Is it my imagination or has Abby gained another 50 lbs? And she is so "beloved" for her hatefulness that she is more horrid to the children than ever before