THG Caption Contest: Farrah Abraham Plays Football, Makes it Too Easy!

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Welcome, fans, to another edition of the THG Caption Contest! Our latest image comes courtesy of Farrah Abraham doing ... whatever it is Farrah Abraham does.

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, she's bent over and hiking a football.

Seriously, if that doesn't get your creative juices flowing, THGers, what will?

Farrah Abraham Bent Over

So what do you think would make the best caption for this ... interesting photo?

You tell us! Have at it! Just leave comment(s) with your best caption(s) below!

The possibilities are endless. No holds barred. Let's see what you've all got.

A winner will be announced Friday ... and if you enjoy torturing yourself and need some more inspiration regarding the subject matter, check out the gallery below.

Just be forewarned. You can't unsee this stuff:


Is this Golf? I can make a hole in one......


The closest thing to brown skin that has been near Farrah's va-jay-jay


"Black Stewie! You get back in there!"




"Normally when I reach between my legs to grip balls, they're not shaped like this."


Are you coming or going?


"Oh this position is familiar! I can take it from here!"


NOTE: The object appearing to be hiked is actually just censoring her lady parts in lieu of a more traditional logo in honor of football season.

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