The Bachelor Spoilers: A Villain Emerges … But Will She Win?!

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Nikki Ferrell, one of the clear contenders of The Bachelor, is already approaching full-on villain status this season, and we're only four weeks in.

As predicted by The Bachelor spoilers from the get-go, no one seems to like her. She does not seem to care. And Juan Pablo Galavis is smitten.

Nikki Ferrell on The Bachelor

The claws came out last night, as the 13 remaining contestants headed to Seoul, South Korea, and Ferrell and five others were chosen for a group date.

She was not happy about it. At all.

“All I do is see him in a group setting. And I don't thrive in a group setting,” Nikki Ferrell complained in one confessional, adding bluntly, “This blows."

"I'm halfway around the world," the 26-year-old model/nurse lamented, "and I'm going to spend the day with five other girls who are quite annoying.”

Tell us how you really feel, Nik!

As if the mere idea of a date group wasn’t bad enough, she wasn't exactly thrilled at the prospect of having to dance on stage at a show for K-Pop group 2NE1.

“This is my worst nightmare,” Ferrell said, despite putting on a brave face for it. “I would rather be performing for the South Korean school of the blind.”

Juan Pablo has the final say on who says and who goes, and Nikki got the rose in the group date. But her competition isn't blind to what's going on.

“Nikki is the most negative person in the house,” Elise said, while Cassandra added, “The cattiness is starting and it's Nikki who is doing the talking."

“I think everybody hates me now,” Nikki Ferrell said, once again showing her Courtney Robertson-esque self-awareness ... and zero f--ks given.

Things got worse, too, as she ruffled more feathers by stealing Juan Pablo from Clare later in the episode, even though she already had a rose.

Seriously. It's like Courtney R. all over again this winter.

“I just thought it was rude and disrespectful,” Clare said, telling Nikki to her face. “You're one way with the girls, and one way with him." Ooooooooh.

“Clare is threatened by me,” Ferrell said.

Most definitely. And she's not alone. After Juan Pablo sent Elise and Lauren packing, the stakes just got higher as the ladies with roses head off to Vietnam.

How will it play out next? Is Nikki destined to claim the final rose at the end of the season? Who can stop her? And is Juan Pablo engaged to the winner?

Follow the link above for all The Bachelor spoilers we know (or think we know), and to catch up on the season so far, click to watch The Bachelor online!

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In terms of the word villainess, remember Tierra??? That chick was a total TRAIN-WRECK!!!!! Probably still is.


Meh...she's negative, but she certainly is not the villain that Courtney or Vienna were!


if she likes a happy life........SHE WON'T.


Nikki will make the perfect evil, nasty, spoiled brat, step-mother. It is hard to imagine her around little children!