Teenager to Kanye West: Pay Up and I'll Shut Up!

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Kanye West is reportedly being given a chance to avoid more criminal prosecution.

But it won't come cheap.

A week after West allegedly beat the crap out of an 18-year old who dropped racial slurs and threatened Kim Kardashian, TMZ reports that the victim is willing to let the assault charges go. For a price, of course.

An insider close to the situation says the unnamed teenager had his attorney contact Kanye's people and make it clear that a six-figure settlement would end this scandal once and for all.

The young man is anxious to get paid… but also to avoid a public trial because Kim is ready to go on record with the awful words that spewed out of his mouth toward her, West and photographers in the area.

The 18-year old has not been cooperating with police, either, this source claims.

The sides are in negotiation as we type and there is a reason Kanye may wish to pay the man and move on.

He supposedly pummeled the idiot over 30 times inside a doctor's office and is already facing assault charges from a July incident in LAX. It would be in the rapper's best interests to not get involved in another legal mess.

While West decides what to do, readers can relive his best rants here:

Kanye West Rant: RESPECT ME!
Kanye West is at it again. He rants away here during a concert in New Jersey, calling out a supposedly racist media.

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Kanye is a idiot yes but he would be an even more of a one if he paid the guy.


Still wondering why the trampy Kim didn't call the police instead of big mouth

@ Barbara

Because its not illegal to call someone a cunt... but he deserved to get his teeth knocked in, if someone called my wife that I'd do the same thing.


I hope Kanye uses this guy for toilet paper and takes him to court!