Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Evans' Abortion Revealed!

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Teen Mom 2 is back on MTV, and with it, a host of revelations about the fab four's lives since we last saw them ... which was a long time ago. On TV at least.

The Season 5 premiere documented major events that took place about a year ago, and in Jenelle Evans years, that's like a lifetime. Case in point:

She aborted Courtland Rogers' baby. She has since moved on with Nathan Griffith and is pregnant again at this moment. No abortion is planned.

Come along for THG's +/- recap to see how Jenelle's abortion played out along with Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry's drama ...

We'll start things off with Jenelle, because she's the reason for the show. She explains that it wouldn’t be fair to her son, Jace, to have another baby.

Minus 150, because she doesn't even have custody of him, and Minus 50 more because it's not stopping her right now ... though maybe things changed?

The Teen Mom 2 trailer strongly hinted that she would abort this pregnancy, but rather than misleading us, the promo barely scratched the surface.

She saved all the drama for the Season 5 premiere, as viewers got to watch her mom Barbara Evans drive her to the clinic to get the abortion pill.

Wow. Plus 200 for not sugar-coating this at least.

Jenelle Evans was told how it would force her to miscarry the fetus, and also opened up about her addiction to heroin and failed attempts to recover.

Again, no holds barred last night. Plus 100.

Bahbrah tries to talk with her about birth control and money, but things quickly escalate and we fear that she's not going to pull it together this time.

Minus 250, J. Just chill out sometimes.

Teen Mom 2 Cast Members

Regardless of what you think of her decision to end the pregnancy, give the show credit for being frank. There was no spin here. She is who she is.

Reality TV that's reality? Plus 300.

Elsewhere on Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 1, and speaking of pregnancies, Chelsea Houska's baby daddy Adam Lind is about to be a father again.

With another woman. Chelsea is not thrilled.

She worries that Aubree will think she’ll be able to see her half-sister all the time, and will thus be let down. That's the least of your worries, girlfriend. Minus 50.

Adam says Aubree will see the baby as much as she sees him. If only we had any idea what that meant or he weren't a complete deadbeat. Minus 350.

Kailyn Lowry's husband, Javi, is stationed in Delaware with the military, is battling her ex as well. This time it's about moving out of the state wit their kid.

Jo Rivera, Isaac's dad, doesn’t want to be so far away from their child, thus limiting her ability to up and move to be near her man where he's stationed.

Kailyn, who we know is starting a family with Javi away from Jo, is asked by a friend whether it's good for Isaac to do this, uprooting him and all.

Clearly, she's decided that it is. At least she seems happy now, and Jo is kinda bad news, so we'll give this Plus 100, with an asterisk, as it's subject to change.

Unlike Jenelle, not everything Kailyn does plays out in the tabloids, so we may actually learn more about this storyline as the MTV season progresses.

Leah Messer's life is a lot different than when we last saw her. She's now Leah Calvert, having married Jeremy Calvert, and they had baby girl Addalynn.

Her twins’ father, Corey Sims, has also gotten remarried since their dramatic split. Leah reflects that it feels like just yesterday that she was with Corey.

It sort of was. One year in Teen Mom 2 years is like 10 in regular years. Despite divorce chatter involving Jeremy and Leah, they seem really happy. Plus 100.

Leah and Corey received a tough medical diagnosis for their daughter Aliannah, whose rare form of Muscular Dystrophy might force her into a wheelchair one day.

Plus 300 for putting on a united front for their little girl.

EPISODE TOTAL: +50! Follow the link to watch Teen Mom 2 online, and comment below: What did you think of Jenelle's decision and the rest of the premiere?




Jenelle the baby killer flat out lied to her fans on twitter and facebook. She claimed that her fight with Courtland caused her to have a miscarriage when all along she knew she killed her baby. She is scum of he earth. She is a filthy disgusting whore who can't keep her legs closed and uses abortion as birth control.


Teen pregnancy has gone down 25% since Teen Mom premiered! My research tells me girls aren't falling for the usual lines any more thanks to watching these girls get plummeted repeatedly by their baby daddies lack of devotion to their own flesh and blood! As trashy and real as it gets, we must admit that it is an eye opener!
Abortion is sometimes a necessary evil. Made legal to save lives of desperate women. Janelle is severely disabled by Bipolar and needs to spend the rest of her life on meds that are not favorable to a healthy pregnancy! She gets nothing higher than a 'D' as a Mother and her Mother Barb a 'C'! The poor children of deadbeat parents, or as my step Mother used to say ' should have been an Abortion'!
My wish is all Mothers would have the sex talk with their Children and never stop the line of communication. Because when they get the info from their friends it's more about being cool than being careful!




And there are so many deserving woman who would love to have a baby, and couples who would just love to adopt...and this druggie ho bag didn't deserve the first child....
She should see if welfare could tie her tubes or something...

@ critic

Yes,it's a great idea for a heroin addict to continue a pregnancy.There are a lot of people that would love to adopt a baby.A "healthy" baby.Foster care is full of "not so healthy" babies and older kids.Let's not add more.She made the right decision for the first time(and probably the last)in her life.


Am I surprised tht bitch did tht? Nope!she doesn't even deserve to be on tht show! It's teen mom not let's go get high act stupid and fuck whatever has legs show! Stupid bitch!

@ watever

She absolutely should stay on the show.Would you prefer teen pregnancy to be shown in a more positive light?I believe "go get high act stupid and fuck whatever has legs" is the way a lot of pregnancies(especially teen pregnancy)actually occur.


I come from a Christian family she killing a baby god sill take care of er. If shd dont like it she has to deal with the consequences shes a criminal.


I come from a Christian family she killing a baby god sill take care of er. If shd dont like it she has to deal with the consequences shes a criminal.


Fuck that bitch

@ alma encarnacion

Nice language Alma......great Christian.......

@ critic

To be fair, she did say that she comes from a Christian family...she didn't say that she was one of them lol. Looks like she is the black sheep of her Christian family.


Janelle definitely did the right thing in getting an abortion. Now it's time to get on BC & get her head in the right place. The last thing her or her mom needed was another child. Cause we all know who would have wound up raising that baby!

@ Jill

You do realize she alleges she is pregnant again, and the due date is June 29th...

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