Stassi Schroeder-Kristen Doute Fight on Vanderpump Rules: Actually Not Scripted!

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The insane fight between Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute on this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules wasn't staged. It was as real as reality TV gets.

If you missed it, Stassi accused Kristen of banging her ex-boyfriend on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff and called her a "dirty f--king whore."

The then reared back and smacked Kristen in the face, doused her with a drink and continued to run her mouth as their shocked co-stars looked on ...

Not unlike Sunday's wild Real Housewives of Atlanta fight, this was not your standard altercation staged for Bravo ratings. Kristen was beyond enraged.

She went immediately to the police to get Stassi prosecuted and file a report, although the case hit a dead end when cops wanted a follow-up interview.

Lisa Vanderpump, who employs both Stassi and Kristen at her restaurant, also went on record saying that the girl fight was as real as it was regrettable.

She told TMZ after the fact, "I know that Stassi was very sorry and regretted it. I made Stassi apologize to Kristen and hope that they could move forward."

Here's hoping they can ... or at the cameras are rolling the next time if they can't, because it makes it more interesting to watch Vanderpump Rules online.

Hey, we're just being honest here. Don't act like you don't tune in for the drama! They've just made THG's collection of 19 Craziest Celebrity Fights:


The Kristin and Jax cheating allegation is an 100% lie staged by Stassi (and of course Jax too, or even the entire show) and here's the proof: In Episode 8, "Sherlock Stassi," Stassi goes to Kristin's house, demands her phone, and sends texts to Jax from Kristin's phone pretending to be Kristin, just to see if he would respond in confirmation of a hook-up and therefore incriminate himself. Here's a screenshot of the texts Stassi sends from Kristin's phone: THEN, at the end of Episode 13, "Bitch Slap," Tom meets up with Jax at the beach and finally reads the text messages Jax alleges are from Kristin. Tom reads them aloud, and WORD FOR WORD they are the same texts that Stassi sent from Kristin's phone pretending to be her. (Just compare the text from the screenshot to the words he reads aloud). Jax obviously knows these texts are from Stassi, not Kristin. So does Stassi for that matter (I mean.. she sent them)! Therefore, they are all setting up Kristin and lying to Tom. Unless Kristin and Tom are in on it and the entire show is scam. Which is probably the case.


I realize that 90% (or more) of this contrived production is scripted but these people are deeply narcissistic and immature. It's sad to see that people of their ages are so intensely insecure. I realize most of their behavior is contrived but I've never seen a more insecure person than Kristen and a more narcissist damaged person than Stassi. And yes I agree, she looks like Chelsea Clinton.

@ CtJen

Well said!! It's pathetic to see these young people behaving in this manner; it's a huge turn-off!
Stassi is Very Manipulative, Narcisstic, and Damaged!! Her friends need to grow a backbone and stop letting her treat them like her puppets!!
Jax doesn't know what it's like to be a Good Guy friend; Stassi and Jax are perfect for each other...


Stassi looks like Chelsea Clinton.


Stassi is now in New York and writing columns for Ok! magazine. she is also in a happy relationship with a radio host named Patrick. i think she's in a better place now and did tone down her blunt personality. But I'm pretty sure also she does not care what anyone says about her lol.


Someone needs to take the stick out of stassi's a** What in the world is her problem to make her think she's "it." Everyone else, starting with Lisa, must also have issues because they let her rule their world. Someone needs to grow some and tell her what she can do with her high and mighty attitude and her maliciousness. She's nasty, nasty, nasty. They lost me as a viewer.

@ Marcy Mace

Remember Karma will be there to rear it's ugly head for Stassi!


Stassi should get a police record for assaulting Kristen. Stassi should also lose her job at Sur. Kristen needs to file a restraining order than Stassi couldn't work at Sur. You are a high school mean girl. That needs to grow up!!!


Stassi is so rude and so unattractive, I found it hard to think they would have here on the show, plus working in a place a Sur. Maybe the fact that she is so unattractive is why she is so mean.............hard to look at. I only watch this because I love Lisa Vanderpump............otherwise........yuk.


so it's a real "Real Life Soap"?

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