Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Run it Back, Are Not Actually Kids or Rich

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Monday marked the second installment of the two-night season premiere event for E!'s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Oh, sorry E!. We meant #RichKids.

If you're interested in #RichKids and their #fabuluxe lifestyles that make Keeping Up With the Kardashians feel like wholesome family TV, you're in luck.

Of course, the kids are not actually kids or rich. Their parents are loaded, for sure, but not them. Also, one of the "kids" looks like he's already losing his hair.

The youngest cast member claims to be 25. Just saying.

While stars Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart tooling around Beverly Hills wouldn't make for the worst show ever, that's not what Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is.

The entire premise is their obsession with themselves. Morning, noon and night. They're self-aware to a point, which may make the situation worse.

Rather than reflecting on their situations and chilling out as a result, they seem to become even more anxious and committed to ... doing whatever it is they do.

Seriously. If we wanted to watch someone muse about how hard their life is while Instagramming their outfits, we'd just follow Kendall Jenner on Instagram.

Which we do. But that's beside the point.

Last night, viewers were treated to some truly epic shopping by Morgan and Dorothy shopping, while they tried to get out from her parents' shadow.

Hard when they pay your mammoth bills. Such is life.

Roxy meets up with Mo and Do at the boutique and they decided to start planning a pool party to celebrate the successful blood drive they recently held.

Dorothy says she wants to start looking for her own place and wants to move out of her parents' house. At 25, she feels like it's a good age to do so.

Morgan suggests that Dorothy looks at places with Brendan Fitzpatrick (a real estate agent with an actual job, in addition to being Morgan's boyfriend).

Naturally, these places start around three million.

Roxy is not having as much luck. She meets up with her aunt and finds out some absolutely devastating news - her parents are cutting her off for GOOD.

Well, with the exception of room, board and spending money. Just no more extravagant trips or new cars. Somewhere, the violins are starting to play.

When you hang with the #RichKids, this is not cutting it.

We're really pulling for Roxy an hoping she can overcome this life-altering obstacle. We're here for you girl. As for the pool party her BFFs are planning?

It's not cheaply put together. Let's just say that.

Morgan actually gives Roxy some good advice in the end, telling her not to worry and claiming that they'll always be there for her, with or without money.

Awww. Enough to bring a tear to your eye.


Let it live. If the show doesn't go on. Its not going to hurt their pockets. Their parents already rich. If I were them I'd be trying to see how I can carry on the family business for my kids.


Just made me wish I was born to rich Parents. And some of them actually work. Roxy is an interior decorator. And one of the guys is a real estate agent. And so on Major Johnson's son works in fashion. I mean I have watched the Kardashions from beginning to now and I seen none of them work until the show got popular. Now they do interviews tv shows and things of that nature off the show. And thier regular life drama breakups.


I hope this show is taken off the air-


My 5 year old cousin has more common sense than any one of them.

Tara hemperley williams

Didnt mean to do a second post lol


So like I like really cant understand how like these so called rich people expect anyone to like respect them....uuuuuum they need to have a like reality check or something. Im totes bored with it...dont think ill watch again ↓ booo


I've seen real shit look better than this bullshit.


Don't get me wrong I would not want to support these two but I found this show very entertaining - They are clueless to the world around them but obviously their parents are ok supporting them forever - Their mindless conversations are hysterical!!!!


but her vagina complains about it..............