Paul Walker Autopsy Report Reveals Fractures, Burns in Graphic Detail

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The autopsy report conducted on the late Paul Walker reveals in detail how horribly his body was broken and burned in the crash that took his life.

The actor's entire body was charred through the skin and burned so badly that none of his organs were suitable for donation, according to TMZ.

Walker's body was laying supine in the passenger seat in a "pugilistic stance," or a defensive position, as if he were bracing himself for impact.

The 40-year-old sustained multiple fractures on his body, including his jaw, collarbone, and left upper arm, along with various ribs and pelvic fractures.

The report concludes that the actor's cause of death was  "combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries" sustained from the November 30 accident.

Roger Rodas, the driver and Paul's good friend who was also killed, suffered major head trauma with the top of his skull fractured and his brain exposed.

No alcohol or drug traces were found in either man's system. Investigators believe both men died almost instantly, despite reports of an escape attempt.

Upon impact the Porsche GT spun 180 degrees, struck a tree and nearly tore in half before exploding in flames, claiming the lives of the two men.

While various hoaxes have emerged, including a new one suggesting that Paul Walker faked his death, there is no merit to any of these theories.

The star passed away, and tragically so, on that day, but hopefully fast enough that he didn't feel any pain. He is, and will be missed dearly R.I.P.


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I will sleep even better now...............


Pugilistic Stance
A ‘defensive’ position fancifully likened to that adopted by pugilists (boxers), which is typically seen in severely burned bodies, characterised by flexion of elbows, knees, hip, and neck, and clenching of hand into a fist; it is caused by high-temperatures in fire, resulting in muscle stiffening and shortening; it occurs even if the person was dead before the fire…….... Walker was Not bracing himself for impact….


There is NO GOD!! For something like to happen to someone so nice . This couldn't have happened to someone really mean and messed up?. There is NO GOD!!

@ Harry

The God of Love is not one who removes our choices from us, is not the one who led him make the choice to take that risk with his life. Paul made that decision on his own, and with his death, only the devil wins, and the devil dances while the children of Paul and Roger cry.

@ Harry

God needed Paul in heaven. God gives us free will to live the way we choose. He does not control us like a puppet. God bless you. I hope you find Jesus, you will find peace and it's amazing:)

@ Icecoldpepsi

Rubbish! The God of love is not a murderer; He does not need us in heaven, He needs us alive on earth, because as long as we are alive, we can witness His love to others; once we're dead, we can no longer witness for Him, so then who would rational logic tells you is the one who wants to silence the witnessing, there is only one answer: it is the one who "...comes not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy..."
John 10:10


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