Loraine Allison, who came forward decades after the Titanic sank and claimed to be a young girl reported dead in the disaster, has been proven to be a fraud.

Helen Kramer, who passed away in 1992, mounted a campaign for the surviving members of the affluent, Canadian family to accept her as Loraine Allison.

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This week on Dance Moms, tension was on the rise with the start of open auditions. Payton is injured. Cathy is confident. Abby is intense, even by Abby standards.

What drama unfolded between Abby, Cathy and the young charges?

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Teen Mom 2 is back on MTV, and with it, a host of revelations about the fab four's lives since we last saw them ... which was a long time ago. On TV at least.

The Season 5 premiere documented major events that took place about a year ago, and in Jenelle Evans years, that's like a lifetime. Case in point:

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