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Another Justin Bieber scandal, another photo of Justin Bieber and his brother posted online in an attempt to soften the image of the troubled star.

A few weeks ago, after allegedly egging his neighbor's house, Bieber posted a couple cute shots of himself and his siblings.

Now, a day after Bieber was booked in Toronto on charges of criminal assault, his father has Tweeted a picture of Justin and brother Jaxon in bed.

“Safe and sound #homesweethome," Jeremy Bieber wrote as a caption.

Justin Bieber in Bed

Bieber stands accused of striking a limo driver in the head during the early hours of December 30.

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Remember when that mother surprised her daughter with Taylor Swift concert tickets?

We may have come across an even better ticket-related reaction.

Mike Harris' mother has been a Seattle Seahawks fan since 1976. She had planned to attend the AFC Championship game in 1983, only she was six months pregnant with her son at the time and had to cancel the trip.

Fast forward three decades later and Mike was finally able to make it up to the woman who brought him into this world.

In the following video, we see Mike's mom open this thoughtful gift and react in a way that is sure to make every viewer shed more tears that they will while viewing The Fault in Our Stars trailer. Watch now:

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will face the death penalty for his role in the Boston Marathon bombing if the U.S. has its way, Attorney General Eric Holder saod today.

He was arrested for the blasts last April that killed three people, injured more than 260 others, and sent a wave of shock and fear through Massachusetts.

Prosecutors notified a federal judge in Boston today of the decision.

“After consideration of the relevant facts, the applicable regulations and the submissions made by the defendant’s counsel," Holder said in a statement.

"I have determined that the United States will seek the death penalty in this matter. The nature of the conduct at issue and the resultant harm compel this decision."

With the authorization, the U.S. attorney’s office can move forward in requesting a trial date. The death penalty can also now be a factor in any plea negotiations.

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Meet Park Seo-yeon, a South Korean woman, makes $9,000 a month from fans who like to watch her eat for hours each day, according to reports.

Known as "The Diva" online, Seo-yeon cooks up elaborate meals, sits down and ingests them in front of a camera, all while chatting with her adoring fans.

Who pay handsomely for the privilege of doing so, obviously.

Almost surprisingly, there is no sex or nudity involved. Nor is there remote suggestion of it. Any hoovering she does involves food and food alone.

The web craze is called "Meok-Bang" and it cures loneliness and hunger pangs ... seriously. This is a thing and it's reportedly common in South Korea.

"People enjoy the vicarious pleasure of my online show when they can't eat that much, don't want to eat food at night, or are on a diet," Seo-yeon said.

It boils down in part to demographics:

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Lindsay Lohan has sure had her moments. 

She started out as that cute little redhead from The Parent Trap that we all fell in love with, but somewhere along the way she took a wrong turn. Or 10. 

She's had stints in rehab and jail and her career hasn't exactly been A List for, oh ... a while now. Girl may have more mug shots than movie roles at this point.

Point being, poor girl has been through a lot. 

Lindsay Lohan: Teeth
This is not exactly Lindsay Lohan at her best. Then again, when was the last time we saw Lindsay Lohan at her best?

But for better or worse, the 27-going-on-47-year-old starlet has soldiered on and continued to keep herself in the very public eye, that's for sure.

And whether she's walking a red carpet or hanging out just being Lindsay, she's sure to show off her variety of interesting styles. 

Fasten your seatbelt and take a ride on the rollercoaster that is Lindsay Lohan's roster of crazy looks. 

And Lindsay, keep doing you! 

We're rooting for ya. 

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Anna Kendrick mastered "Cups" in Pitch Perfect. She very much held her own opposite George Clooney in Up in the Air.

And she looks like Anna Kendrick.

But just in case you needed extra evidence regarding the awesomeness of this actress, Newcastle has provided it via the following Super Bowl commercial.

It features Kendrick cursing and talking about how the beer company actually can't afford a Super Bowl commercial. She also talks about being hot.

It's hilarious stuff and it's guaranteed to make you want to watch Pitch Perfect online:

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Police have arrested 18 operators of a high-end drug and prostitution ring allegedly banking on Super Bowl week to deliver "party packs" of cocaine and hookers.

Sorry, Seattle and Denver fans looking to score either/or in NYC.

A nearly year-long undercover investigation discovered that in addition to selling the "party packs," the ring allegedly laundered the money illegally.

Proceeds were funnelled through front businesses that included a clothing wholesaler, a wig wholesaler, a limousine service and a beauty supply company.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said the ring targeted wealthy customers in New York for large events, which the Super Bowl clearly is.

Fans can still build Legos for oral relief from Christy Mack, at least.

Last week, a text message was blasted to frequent customers of the "organization" noting that "new sexy & beautiful girls R in town waiting for u."

The enterprise also ran numerous ads online and on public access TV.

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A new Supreme was named on American Horror Story: Coven last night, bringing the latest chapter of this crazy drama to a close.

The third season was the highest-rated to date of the Ryan Murphy-produced series... but was it the best?

We hung out inside a Murder House on Season 1. We entered an Aslyum on Season 2. And we met some seriously effed up witches on Seaosn 2.

Go watch American Horror Story online if you need to relive the best moments and episode, toggle through these posters and then vote below...

Murder House
American Horror Story took us inside a Murder House on Season 1. It was new and totally awesome.



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With no disrespect to President Barack Obama's address to the nation Tuesday, here's another look at the State of the Union ... through the eyes of Google.

Google autocomplete, to be exact. Thanks to the search engine's real-time results and the Twitter account @Amazing_Maps, we can now stereotype all 50 states!

If we're not being clear: When a search phrase like "Why is Illinois so..." is typed into Google, the search engine auto-fills the sentence with its best guess.

That guess, using algorithms based on how often people associate said words with that particular state, is usually pretty accurate. Usually. Take a look:

US State Stereotypes

In the case of Illinois, the result was hilariously "corrupt."

Clearly, the state's political apparatus lives up to its reputation. Ditto the cost of living in New York State, the longtime leader in all things taxation.

Apart from Ohio, which was dubbed "important," Massachusetts ("smart") Oregon ("good") and Colorado ("fit"), it's hard to call many of the results positive.

Nebraska is apparently "boring." Georgia is "backwards." Pennsylvania and Connecticut are "haunted" somehow, while a handful of states are "expensive."

A lot of places are poor. The entire Upper Midwest is COLD.

What's your state stereotype, and do you agree with it? Which ones do you think are the most and least accurate? Share your comments with us below ...

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Justin Bieber was high on marijuana and prescription medication when he was arrested this month.

When he was arrested this month in Miami, we should say. We now need to make a distinction because Bieber was also arrested yesterday in Canada.

According to toxicology results obtained by TMZ, the singer had weed and Alprazolam in his system when police pulled him over for drag racing last Thursday night.

The latter is a key ingredient of Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug.

The report also showed Justin tested negative for cocaine, opiates and meth.

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