McDonald's Heroin Happy Meal Scandal: Employee Busted Dealing Out of Drive-Thru

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You want fries and a vial of heroin with that? A Pittsburgh McDonald's employee was arrested for dealing the drug using Happy Meal boxes, according to reports.

People would roll up to the drive-thru window and use the code phrase, "I'd like to order a toy," at which point the accused employee would hook them up.

Customers more in the mood for hard drugs than Big Macs were allegedly instructed to order this way, then pick up their "order" at the next window.

Undercover officers from a local narcotics enforcement team made a buy from the accused employee after being tipped off by an informant, officials said.

DA spokesman Mike Manko told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that undercover officers bought 10 bags of heroin in stamp-sized packets from the location.

Another 50 bags were found on the employee's person after making the buy.

The accused employee is 26-year-old Shantia Dennis of East Pittsburgh. The McDonald's in question is reportedly located in the city's East Liberty area.

Both McDonald's and the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office did not immediately return requests for comment on the Happy Meal heroin scandal.

It's unclear how long heroin had been available at McDonald's, or if you still got the Happy Meal toy, or what kind of markup Shantia was factoring in.

It has also not been established if you could purchase Medium, Large and Extra Large packets of smack, even if you really only wanted a small size.

Seriously. Sometimes you just don't need a jumbo Diet Coke/bindle. Stop trying to manipulate us into buying more than we want, corporate fast food pimps!


He did not want to dial that welfare number they encourage their employees to call for additional help since they do not pay enough. Good for him.


This is happening in other places too and not just with heroin. Used to have a KFC in the city near where I live. Closed for dealing meth and weed through the drive thru. Arby's - now gone, did you want some weed with your sandwich or just some fries? There is now a rather sizable gathering of oldsters at the McDonald's. Wonder if this where the really good stuff is at now. The only other fast food option in town is Subway or Hardies. Makes you wonder.


This only happens at fast food restaurants that pay their employees lower minimum wage..........coincidence??,think not!


.................Ronald gets High?


Just another drug store on the corner. Probably more healthier than the food. Atleast you'll go quicker than a heart attack.


Rick, why would you even make that comment on this page? In case you have forgotten, scroll up to the header and look at the source of the story. This type of site is more about sensationalism and the writer being quipy & funny than it is about reporting a story.


22 people died from the same heroin and the news story is of a person putting the same junk in a happy meal? How is it not the 22 people that are news?

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