Lady Victoria Hervey Wears Next to Nothing at Golden Globes After-Party

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Earlier today, we recounted the Golden Globes Best & Worst Dressed via a photo montage of stars on the red carpet.

However, Lady Victoria Hervey was not included in that collection of photos because she wasn't actually invited to the event.

But also because her outfit deserves its own article.

The British model and socialite attended a Golden Globes after-party hosted by Netflix and The Weinstein Company and wore a sheer dress that left VERY little to the imagination.

Very, very, very, very little. Ogle it now and then sound off below:

Lady Victoria Hervey at the Golden Globes
Lady Victoria Hervey

What do you think of this fashion statement?


She looks amazing...


Best dress ever! !!!!!!!


Hasn't Cher worn something as revealing as that? She has a nice body, as does Cher even at her age. Go for it!


This would be fantastic for a Sinners and Vickers party or a weekend long sex party. But again, if you can't fill the dress out, don't wear it.


Why wear anything then? It might have looked good if she had even a few millimeters of curves. The dress screams too old, pathetic, trying too hard, can't get a real man, and so not sexy.


I wouldn't wear but it sure looks awesome on her.

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