Lady Gaga Nose Job Rumors: Did She Get Work Done?

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Lady Gaga's appearance, specifically her nose, seems to have changed in recent months, though it may just be the photos, filters, makeup and or other explanations.

Just yesterday, Gaga shared this photo of herself at a rehearsal, with her nose looking noticeably smaller, and with something on the tip of it. Are we right?

Some observers have suggested that it's the kind of mark someone would have while healing from some kind of surgery to alter their nose. You decide:

Lady Gaga Nose Job Photo?
Lady Gaga Selfie

Compared to the older selfie - granted, a poorly-lit shot from years ago - it's different to say the least. Her "old" nose looks longer, or at least more defined.

In this and other recent Lady Gaga photos, the singer's nose clearly looks shorter, not really defined at all, and like it could be swollen for some reason.

Just something to think about. Even if she did have work done, the 27-year-old wouldn't be the first, nor would it be painfully obvious or horribly bad looking.

People like Heidi Montag, on the other hand ... WOW. Just wow:


lol seriously different angle and lightning ... ?


wow how do they do it thats crazy


She's had non-invasive, injectable fillers in her nose. She has confessed to having fillers in her face. No surgeries have been performed on her face. Any differences you might notice are due to changes in lighting, angles, and makeup. (yes, makeup can be used to shade the bridge area to create a thinner appearance)


Nothing wrong with a nose job if you need it...she looks good!


But seriously. Get your facts straight first of all. They're both recent pics. The one one the right is from December 2013 and the other one from January 2014, which means a month later. Not an "older selfie".


No, it looks exactly the same. I love her nose, hope she never gets work done, she is exotically gorgeous!


no, ofcourse not: MORONS!!


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