Kim Kardashian to File Police Report Against Death-Threatening Maniac

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A simple visit to the chiropractor turned totally insane for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West yesterday, as the couple was accosted by a African-American-hating maniac.

Allegedly, that is.

According to the crazy story, reported last night, Kardashian was at the Beverly Hills medical building for a doctor's appointment when an 18-year old hurled racial epithets at photographers in the vicinity and then turned his venom toward Kim.

Insiders tell TMZ that the young man threatened to murder Kardashian - saying "I will kill you, slut" - and that Kardashian is filing a police report in order to have the moron prosecuted for making criminal threats.

Once Kanye arrived on the scene, witnesses say he went after the teenager.

A fight reportedly ensued inside the facility's waiting room, with West now a suspect himself in a battery investigation.

It does sound like this jerk face deserved any punch that was coming to him... but the rapper is already facing battery charges for his violent actions against a paparazzo in Los Angeles in July.

The City Attorney wants to use each confrontation to prove Kanye has an M.O. and this altercation won't help his cause at all.

Kim, meanwhile, already met with her attorney and they plan to mount a counterattack by filing the aforementioned police report.


I can't say it's okay to be 30 and punching an 18 yr. old, but he was old enough to know better than to call her degrading names and racists taunts. He got what he asked for.


I wish the little black punk would step my way like the useless chump that he is...he would get his head handed to him,,,and yup KK is a worthless n***r lover wh!re.


This is funny, how Kim has changed her story since the 18 year old who was beat up wants to file felony charges against Kanye. At first it was that he was making racial slurs, now the story has changed that he was threatening her, since Kanye is in trouble. Probably someone has video of the whole deal to see exactly what happened. Kanye and Kim should have called cops instead of beating the kid up. Do the lying Kardashians ever stop.


you're free to be with who you want to be with.....but when someone calls you out on it you can't get upset over it it is what it is the boy called it just like you seen it sorry you can accept that


come on now please Kim's trying to say that the boy threatened to kill her.....nice try, to save your a****** boyfriend....he called it like it was your pig your a s*** and you're a w**** and you're a n***** lover

@ Tracey Scandul

See that's why your 18y/o klan friend got a black fist in his face,because he don't know wat to say out his mouth... And white guys never stick up for there women; I see all the time in the club black men rubbing up on, and flirting with white guys girlfriends... And let's be real if you try to touch,flirt or disrespect a black mans women while that black man is present, it will definitely be a situation....


Kim case should be THROWN OUT she/kanye are always filing law suits against people. How many does this make now? A person/s should never take matters in their own hands. (You call the police and where was all her security ok), what does kim do she calls kanye west to handle this 18 yr old kid now the universe sees the real kim/kanye. How old are they?30 plus right. Yes, the kid was wrong verbally but people use this word on a regular. Kim, provoked this young kid it's sad that he was only helping her then she turns on him instead. The young kid should have just allow the paps do what they do, besides kim/kris calls the paps to their locations each time they are out. Kim is the one should also be charged for this stupid incident, that created kanye to act out his craziness in harming a kid who was only helping his woman. I wonder how much will kanye have to pay for his ASSAULT ON A YOUNG KID, KANYE IS BLESS THAT THIS KID WAS NOT STRAIGHT WHITE HOOD (YES, THEY DO EXIST GO TO PITTSBURGH,PA). KANYE, COULD HAVE GOTTEN KILLED because Kim just wanted to see this kid get a BEATEN from KANYE.Kim is so WICKED,EVIL I wonder after kim screamed did she have that Evil SMIRK on her face after the incident. Were the cops called at all at the incident? How many people witness the whole drama?


someone who is really doing this must visit a psychiatrist and buy dog so he can shout his anger to it!!


Kim would have been in a better position in seeking police assistance than calling her fiance who already is known for violent outbursts. Kim filing a report on the kid is only a diversion in alleviating any heat Kanye will incur for physical violence. If Kanye had any intelligence he should have gone to the police to file a report on the kid, not take it into his own hands and punch him. Kanye is just as juvenile IMO.


Let's be intelligent about this: if someone is causing you trouble -you call the police not your live wire boyfriend. If you want attention you call the boyfriend.

@ robertL

She can call her man if she want, by the time cops get there the crazy kid probably would of hit her or worst... She did the right thing by calling her crazy boyfriend and kanye did the right thing by punching this cracker kid in the face... Don't mess with a black mans women period it would get you fu*cked up...

@ truth

what this black man's woman s***......any real man would stick up for his woman it has nothing to do with black white you ignorant a******

@ Tracey+Scandul

White guys never stick up for there girlfriend/dates/wives when black guys flirt,touch,or disrespect them I see it all the time, all they say is "really dude come on"..... Never disrespect a black guy female I'm telling you, it will get you knocked out...

@ truth

No correction. YOU ATTACK WITH VIOLENCE, YOU DIE THAT SAME WAY. I would call it Self Defense this young man could have known martial arts and one kick in the chest at the right center kanye west would have been DEAD. I would know for working with a Police Department. The young man young yes, realitated towards kim with anger VERBALLY,but did not put his hands on Kim whatsoever so what was her agenda. Kim already knew that kanye west would act crazy, she just wanted to make the drama more serious than what it really was and now kanye is looking more worse than ever. Kanye, should know by now that taking matters into his own hands is not the answer. Especially, now that he still has all those other ASSAULT CHARGES ON HIM. Think about it everyone.KANYE WEST ATTACKS 18 YEAR OLD BOY,AFTER HE HELPS KANYE'S WOMAN. In many police report, a whole lot of black men whined up dead in protecting their women, taking matters into their own hand. Also, to later find out it was the fault of their women that cause the drama. So sad.

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