Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom: In Constant Contact Since Divorce?

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She may be turning over a new leaf, but Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have been in constant contact since she filed for divorce, a new report indicates.

The two keep in touch. Very often, according to insiders.

"Khloe has been in contact with Lamar daily since filing for divorce," a source dished. "She is making sure he is taking care of responsibilities with his DUI, and meeting with his trainer."

They’re not discussing getting back together, however.

“It’s definitely a mother-son type of relationship,” the source says. “There will always be a lot of love there between the two, but Khloe has definitely moved on.”

Mother-son type of relationship? Ouch, Lamar. That stings.

Whether that Radar-sourced quote is real or not, these two appear to be over for good, and not just because she's been linked to The Game or Matt Kemp.

Nor because of her cryptic Tweets or Instagram quotes.

Khloe really battled hard to save the NBA star and their marriage, but the last straw was reportedly the bizarre Lamar Odom crack video that surfaced.

In it, a wasted Lamar seems to brag about cheating on Khloe and boast that he will be runnin' around with his crew, doin' whatever it is he pleases.

Odom also says Khloe brings out the worst in him (seriously), so it's not like he's pining for another chance with his spouse of four years either.

Nope. Stick a fork in Khloe and Lammy, because they're done.

“There are zero plans to reconcile,” the insider says of Khlomar. “Both are very amicable, which is a good sign for the divorce. It should be quick, and no drama.”

Perhaps at this point, that's the best we can hope for.


Khloe should have ended the marriage far sooner. BTW,this KUWTK Series just gets more & more vile. Some things are meant to be PRIVATE and not out there for the world to see / listen to. Plus, they all (Khloe for the most part) use such fowl language. Even when the show 1st started out & Kendall & Kyle were like 12 & 10 years old respectively; the older girls were "f--- this and f--- that" Every other word was vile. (Back in 2007)!! Now when Kourtney has her 2 kids around, they try to clean up the language but not always successfully.
It's no wonder that Kendall & Kylie are / have turned into "sex pots". But I think their MOMAGER, Kris Jenner is largely responsible for turning them into teenage "sex kittens" before they were barely into their teens. Kris Jenner has been "pimping out" the younger ones ...any thing for a buck ! Kris Jenner is trying to turn Kendall into the next Kim B/C Kim has been bulking Kris' wishes. Kim wants to spend time in France with Kayne & baby North in upcoming (near) future. Kris is NOT HAPPY B/C Kim wants her "own life" !!

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No where in the article does it say that Khloe views her relationship with Lamar as "mother-son". In the first paragraph it says "a source" said that-not Khloe. I think Khloe still cares for him & is concerned about him.

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The kardashians are truly very busy with their 2014 agenda's right. This story is OLD ok, 2014, just came in and now the news of khloe having a baby reports on other sites and it has been stated that it is true Facts. Also, reading this story,I find this story very disturbing, because why would khloe would want that image of her being a mama to Lamar ok. Lamar, is not some infant that does not know better,and to mention that he does not strike me to be the type of man who is babied all like what is being stated (it sounds like some type of witchery spell or someone wants to stay in control Lamar or make the fans/viewers thinks Lamar can not think for himself). So, what is khloe saying that Lamar would have SEX with this mother. How degrading and disrespectful for her to feel this way. It is very nasty,and it sounds poor choice of words coming from khloe(if true). Now that is big time sick very sick. How many agree? The wickeness,evil has begun with this crazy family many more more crazy story lines on this wicked family who calls themselves CURSED,and more scripted lies/stories to follow. Stay tune for the next event.

@ smiley55

Do you actually watch the professional nobody family?

@ good_idea

No, I really have no desires to watch their show.

@ smiley55

The one time I did watch was kim's wedding,not the whole Circus though it was ridiculous. I knew it what a big fat SCAM to Bribe millions from their sponsors and celebrity guest. Also, I just watch a snippet of when kourtney gave Khloe a waxing removing her pubic hairs. It was so disgusting, then khloe states that she could have SEX with Lamar,because she was to SORE down in her Private area. I said enough was enough,so I don't contribute to the show at all. How nasty right, if I remember there was an episode. I believe it was Kim tried some of kourtney's breast milk. It is what it is a very sick family indeed.


well, F*cking her doesn't require her words!!


I was once a huge fan of Lamar's, but he's totally ruined his career and life. Hope he saved a lot of money.


OMG, stop the presses!
Professional nobody with manly face, seen holding hands with husband. Lol. Who actually watches the professional nobody family?

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