Kanye West Comes to Defense of Kim Kardashian, Allegedly Assaults Racist Loudmouth

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had an interesting trip to the chiropractor this afternoon.

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    i love kim k and kanye and i am their face-born son.they are the most loved-hated-followed and best couple of all time.just widh they can be themselves and kim goes back to being black-haired.


    I am appalled at all the stupid and ignorant comments people make on this page.They must be cognitively juvenile.I hope someone with a little common sense adds something constructive! please indulge me with something intelligent.

    @ Joe



    Kim& kanye ought a be ashamed of themselves he's 18 they're both old enough to be his parents!


    TNB...black dudes chimp out and it cracks me up.This pavement ape would get the beatdown of a lifetime ifr he pulled his crap on someone out in middle america.He looks like a d!mn,black queer and kim k looks like a useless piece of excrement.


    I do not feel sorry for the kid one bit. He should had left Kim K and Kanye alone. What can he expect from them anyway?


    Good for him; should have shoved his fist up his behind.


    who cares? Im so sick of these 2 they deserve whatever shit comes their way. Thats what u get when you are a publicity whore and date assholes


    Child Protective Services needs to take North away. She is not safe around Kanye (seriously doubt he's baby daddy) nor her Ho-Ho mom. Poor kid.

    Seriously, people who lead scandalous lives need to have thick skin. I would have crumbled away decades ago if I would have let the hateful and ignorant get to me. And I would be rich BEATCH if I had a dime for every time my white mother called me a n*&r, Oreo, or some other derogatory racist name. And who needs the help of an 18 year old man-child to get into a doctors office?


    You mean to tell me that Kaney with all the money that he has, does not have a bodyguard? He's nothing but a cheap prick!


    So, two adults in their mid-30's are baited by some dumb teenager and get embroiled in physical assault. You'd think cooler heads would prevail and they'd walk away, but no. Kim calls that time bomb Kanye and he goes racing in to slug the guy. And the coup de grace is having her claim that "It's all on tape!" For what?? the next episode of their show??!! Oh, and the P.S., she now claims he threatened to kill her (after a confab with mama and her lawyers, I'm sure!)

    @ Robocop

    Hey robo fag did you not defend George Zimmerman, when he KILLED a teenager much younger.

    @ scatter

    SELF DEFENSE! Zim rid the world of a gangbanger. God bless this true American hero.

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