Justin Timberlake Thanks "Beautiful" Jessica Biel in People's Choice Awards Speech

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Marital problems? What marital problems?!?

With divorce rumors running rampant and tabloid claiming the marriage between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel is crumbling, JT took to the stage at the 2014 People's Choice Awards last night and gave his better half a shout-out.

"I'd like to thank my beautiful wife for teaching me patience and the little things like just putting the dishes in the dish washer," the artist said on stage. "It goes a long way -- fellas, you're welcome!"

Timberlake, who won Best Album, Best Artist and Best R&B Artist at the end, also thanked Ellen DeGeneres for making him cookies. Watch now:


Who would have imagined, a movie star who is camera shy. Or is it she doesn't like her husbands music fans. This will not stop the rumors.

@ Spare+me

See even Johnny Depp is a movie star and 50 years old man who still shy from people, his appearance at the Golden Globes says it all.
Also, JT's wife wasn't the only one who didn't come with her husband at that show, see what about Robert Downey Jr.? What about Ellen? Many other celebs came alone without their spouses. So why you only choose JT/Jess? From what i've seen & read. Jessica wasn't at PCAs because she's in Canada, many people saw her & took pics with her & posted it on their twitter, also another person who works in a hotel in Canada tweeted that he saw both JT & Jess in their hotel.
JT will start his world tour in Canada today, does that explains much to you?

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