Justin Bieber: What Should He Do Now?

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So, Justin Bieber... now what?

The 19-year old singer capped off a ridiculous two weeks yesterday by getting arrested for DUI and driving with an expired license, while also being cited for disobeying police officers at the scene.

He's free from jail on $2,500 bond, exiting jail yesterday to screams from a crowd, but the question remains: What will he do now?

Justin Bieber Exits Jail

In the weeks leading up to this incident, Bieber's friends and advisors had been urging Justin to go to rehab, a plea that fell on deaf ears.

So now, according to TMZ sources, those close to the artist have come up with a compromise: psychotherapy.

They want Bieber to visit a therapist as soon as he returns to Los Angeles, someone who can help him move past his drug issues and the basis behind them, namely the effects of being so young, so rich and so famous.

And Justin is allegedly open to the concept, although he hasn't agreed to anything just yet.

It's possible, meanwhile, that Bieber will be charged with a felony for egging his neighbor's home in Calabasas and be FORCED to enter rehab as part of a plea bargain.

But that's down the line.

Now, in the aftermath of his biggest PR disaster to date, Justin clearly has to do something. What do you think it should be?


I think he should go back were he came from every time you look up he's. In the news or something.If he need that much attention he should just walk around the streets. Bucket naked it his problem. Really. Is that his mother can't. Do anything with him at all or he trying be someone. He's. Not he is to old to be doing shit like that what I can't. Understand. People be saying That they love him but the truth is that he don't. Love his self so how in the hell he going to love ya'll. Back. Only thing he love win people buy his music shirts toys to be honest his music sucks and I don't give a rats as how doesn't. Like what I wrote or had to say about it .cause you no what I'm. Still going to sleep good at nite


If his Mother and handlers don't know how to change the direction that Justin is going, I really doubt the public has an answer. But a few suggestions might be, 1. Get the party hardy father out of the scene, 2. Get rid of all the little gangster hangers on out if his pockets and life.


rob a bank.

@ Mister+Baja

y would he rob a bank if he got dat cake??


Interested in what you have to.offer


i hope those who say 'go away' will not themselves or their sons be the ones to be told that if they fall into hard times! It's incredible how cold, indifferent, uncaring we have become. People who have done nothing for society and committed things like the knockout game, pedos, heroin addicts in show business have been treated better than a kid who has donated millions in this country for cheritable causes. This country does not deserve him.

@ ivan

Go away, Ivan. And take your boyfriend with you.


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