Justin Bieber "Safe and Sound" in Bed, According to Father's Photo

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Another Justin Bieber scandal, another photo of Justin Bieber and his brother posted online in an attempt to soften the image of the troubled star.

A few weeks ago, after allegedly egging his neighbor's house, Bieber posted a couple cute shots of himself and his siblings.

Now, a day after Bieber was booked in Toronto on charges of criminal assault, his father has Tweeted a picture of Justin and brother Jaxon in bed.

“Safe and sound #homesweethome," Jeremy Bieber wrote as a caption.

Justin Bieber in Bed

Bieber stands accused of striking a limo driver in the head during the early hours of December 30.

It's unclear what prompted this attack, but sources say multiple witnesses have verified that Bieber was picked up by a limousine around 3 a.m. after a night of partying in Canada.

He was in the vehicle with five or six entourage members when the incident went down.

Justin, of course, is ALSO accused of drunk driving and drag racing in Miami last week. According to toxicology reports, he had weed and prescription pills in his system at the time of his arrest.

With all of these incidents hanging over Bieber's head, we have a simple question for fans:

Do you still like Justin Bieber?




Damn, I hate this bitch ass kid! Tired of hearing about him.


the boy was already thinking of Tattoos & Streetraces!!


Oh my God! He IS just like Michael Jackson, taking little boys into his bed! And what's worse, it's incestuous pedophilia!


I think he will rebound just fine. A little early to be burying him professionally. He just needs to slow down the stupidly and maybe get new friends. Same with Gaga this era big disappointment, but she will be fine.

@ Spare+me

I agree Spare+me. If the media would quit killing these youngsters with exaggerated stories and bad press, they might actually have a chance to grow up and have a career. You notice how they never post what his speed was when the cops actually stopped him. According to GPS it was 34 miles an hour at the 3500 block. and then 27 mi per hour after that. taking a smoking weed and having a Xanax doesn't necessarily mean he's driving under the influence. Their premise for pulling him over was speeding/drag racing which doesn't hold, so the search and pullover was illegal. It won't hold up and it was his body guard that wacked the limo driver and it was from behind, so I don't think that charge will hold either. Justin needs to move away from his crazy neighbor and keep on the down low personally for 6 months to a year.


"soften the image of the troubled stat" The question is what audience is he going after this time. There is a schizophreniia to what audience he is performing for at what time. He probably doesn't realize that it's not working. In many ways this is the beginning of the end for his career. He will not be deported - he has no green card. He is on an entertainment visa with some tricky rules. All said this kind of attention he will not bounce back from. It is going to marshall unwanted scrutiny from people who did not know him. In the long run the lesson he never learned whether he is 19 or 60 with a professional career he is trying to build is how to be low key. You see in these United States low key is "cool" but more importantly, it has longevity.


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