Justin Bieber Home Investigation: No Egging Evidence Found

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Justin Bieber was arrested for one crime last Thursday.

But will he get away with another?

On the heels of his DUI arrest, the singer finally received some good news over the weekend:

According to TMZ insiders, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department sifted through various items it confiscated from Bieber's home... and did not find any evidence linking Justin to the alleged egging of his neighbor's home from earlier this month.

Days after the incident supposedly took place, authorities executed a search warrant, sending multiple police cruisers to Bieber's Calabasas mansion in order to collect the artist's cell phone and some surveillance video.

They hoped to find text messages Bieber sent bragging about the egg hurling and/or footage from Justin's own security cameras that would have depicted this criminal act.

But they have come away empty-handed.

Bieber's neighbor claims the superstar tossed at least 20 eggs against his home a few weeks ago, causing over $20,000 worth of damages.

This would be sufficient to charge Justin with a felony vandalism count, but the only tangible proof at the moment is the following video, filmed by the neighbor on his cell phone:

It certainly seems to feature Bieber's voice. But that's likely not enough to really bring the hammer down on JB.

The Sheriffs department will send the case over to the L.A. County District Attorney for review this week and then Bieber will either be charged with a felony... a misdemeanor... or nothing at all.

Perhaps this explains why Justin was smiling in his mug shot last week.


He is just 'aging-up' as his audience gets older. Hopefully he doesn't do a full Miley, cause I do not want to see this little pecker's pecker. Tho I am sure that's not the case for the legion of beliebers.


He's innocent period. He also was cleared on the DWI case. Will the incompetent media report this or will they ignore it to save face; this kid has been smeared with this crap all week as well as in sites like this. This is not Russia


i think that Justin Bieber should be arrested for claiming a crime in miami


well, some scooby do muppets.


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