Justin Bieber: High on Weed, Pills at Time of Miami Arrest

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Justin Bieber was high on marijuana and prescription medication when he was arrested this month.

When he was arrested this month in Miami, we should say. We now need to make a distinction because Bieber was also arrested yesterday in Canada.

According to toxicology results obtained by TMZ, the singer had weed and Alprazolam in his system when police pulled him over for drag racing last Thursday night.

The latter is a key ingredient of Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug.

The report also showed Justin tested negative for cocaine, opiates and meth.

Meanwhile, according to the official report, officers on the scene say Bieber admitted he had been "smoking all night at the studio" when pressed.

He also acted "excited, talkative, insulting [and] cocky" as the incident wore on, initially agreeing to a breathalyzer, for example, but then giving officers a hard time when they tried to administer it.

The 19-year old was out of it and couldn't follow basic instructions on how to provide this sample, legal documents add. They say "he had extreme difficulty providing a continuous breath."

The artist's attorney has entered a plea of not guilty into the record for this Miami arrest and his client is due in court on February 14.

He's also due in court on March 10 to answer for assault charges that allege he beat up a limousine driver in the wee hours of December 29 in Toronto. Sounds like a busy few weeks ahead for Bieber!



Let me add, that if they lied about his drag racing and smelling of alcohol -being drunk- what else did they lie about? Can you even trust the blood results?


If they arrest and jail everyone who uses xanax for anxiety or pot to relax, more than half the country would be arrested and jailed including most in Hollywood. Moreover, stuff like that could remain in the blood for days; the issue is was he impaired when he was FALSELY stopped for supposedly drag racing. Was it a case of stopping a fancy car thinking it was stolen? Driving while Black?, just asking.


so stick with the fundimentals next time.
.............Entertaining High School Girls & Beyond!!


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