Justin Bieber ARRESTED for Drunk Driving, Drag Racing in Miami

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Justin Bieber has been arrested following an incident early this morning, according to multiple reports. It was really just a matter of time, wasn't it?

Following a scandal-filled two weeks in which he egged his neighbor's home... watched his best friend get arrested for drug possession... urinated his initials in the Colorado snow... and dropped 75K at a strip club, the singer's wild behavior landed him in the slammer.

The singer was booked on charges of DUI and drag racing in Miami, Fla.

Justin Bieber Police Report, Page 1
Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI in January 2014. Read the first page of his police report here.

According to TMZ and its sources, the incident went down early this morning and Bieber is currently in jail and having his blood-alcohol level tested there.

The singer allegedly failed a field sobriety test after being pulled over in a yellow Lamborghini for drag racing through the streets of the South Florida city.

He had a model named Chantel in the passenger seat and had just left SET nightclub.

Sources say that Bieber will soon be processed and released on bail after a judge sets an amount during a court hearing later today.

UPDATE: Bieber has also been charged with resisting arrest in non-violent fashion.

Also, the Justin Biber mug shot is now out.

As fans and celebrity gossip readers know, the troubled 19-year-old has been accused of reckless driving on numerous occasions over the years.

He has been cited for speeding and gotten into many arguments with neighbors who continually urge him to slow down due to kids playing in the area.

With so many recent controversies staring him in the (punk) face, Bieber's mother Patti Mallette asked fans to pray for her son this week.

But what about those Bieber could have killed by getting behind the wheel in an inebriated state? And then racing a fellow vehicle to boot?

Sadly, we now need to add another Justin Bieber scandal to this ever-growing list...

Justin Bieber: Baby Daddy?
In November 2011, Mariah Yeater accused Justin of fathering her child via a one-night quickie. The accusation eventually went away.

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He need to grow up .hes going loose he's fame for beeing stupid thats good for him .mr bieber wat eva


He need to grow up .hes going loose he's fame for beeing stupid thats good for him .mr bieber wat eva


Like Patti Mallette a pray. But I pray that this child/man does not kill someone.


Justin is one stupid motherfucker.

@ pol


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