Jon Gosselin Slams Kate Gosselin, Feuds with Liz Jannetta, Scratches Himself on Couples Therapy

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Jon Gosselin tore his ex-wife Kate a new one on VH1's Couples Therapy, which he's starring on this season, on its most recent episode last night.

The reality star, who has been on the warpath against his infamous former spouse, is now in a relationship with Liz Jannetta. At least for the short term.

Viewers of the most recent episode not only saw Jon rail against Kate, but Liz appearing to be the new Kate, baiting and belittling her man. Awkward.

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During a group therapy session with host and TV therapist Dr. Jenn Berman, Jon said of living with Kate Gosselin, “My marriage was very non-affectionate."

"It was like 10 years of a business transaction. So many kids, you’re like, ‘We don’t have time to work on our marriage.’ There was always an emptiness.”

Jon denied that he wrecked the marriage by having an affair, or multiple as he was accused of back in the day, implying it was broken in the first place.

“The biggest misconception is the reason for the divorce is that I cheated on my wife," he says." But I didn’t. I mean, I knew [my marriage] was over January 17, 2009."

"That was the definitive day. I just knew."

Why? "I always felt like I did Kate’s task list. 'Here’s the post-it note. This is what you have to do, this is how you’re a good husband, this is how you’re going to behave.'"

"Okay, [I thought], ‘I’m going to complete these tasks and she’ll love me because I do these things.' January 16, 2009 was when I did all my stuff."

"I went out to a bar and stayed out ’til 4 o’clock in the morning. When I came home that morning, she said nothing. So I did it the next night.”

Jon got divorced in December of that year, and says that his insecurity issues from being married to Kate Gosselin haunt him now with Liz Jannetta.

Liz Jannetta, Jon Gosselin

Jannetta, for her part, said that bothered her. As did the fact that, “We took a little break and within a couple weeks, he had someone else living with him.”

Addressing Jon directly, she said she lost a lot of trust over that, and, “You slept with a couple people and then you had someone move in with you.”

Jon pointed out to her she’d had sex with someone else while they were broken up, too, but Janetta was unmoved, proceeding to lay into him some more:

“I question a lot. If he says he’s on his way and he shows up an hour and a half later I’ll ask him what he was doing. He immediately gets defensive.”

Later, Liz accused Jon of masturbating. Seriously. Jon was lying in bed and when Jannetta walked into the room, she shouted, “You f--king pussy!

“Your legs are wide open and your hands are down your pants: It’s humiliating,” she huffed on camera as Gosselin protested, “I wasn’t doing anything!”

"I’m lying there scratching myself and Liz thinks I’m masturbating," he told the VH1 cameras, while his outraged partner huffed, "You are such a jerk.”

“You want to ‘get off’? You ask me! I’m ready to throw up, actually.”

Later, Gosselin said he was sad that she didn’t believe him.

Jon then said in a confessional segment, “I was hurt she didn’t believe me, didn’t want to be intimate with me, and then was making a joke about it."

“When Liz laughs at me, I feel devalued as a human being because my word and my voice doesn’t matter, like a child. That reminds me of my marriage."

For her part, Liz laughed to the camera at that comment by Jon, responding, “Please don’t play the victim all the time. Man, say something, you f--king p--sy!"

These two are starting to make Farrah Abraham look downright normal ... and she's the one who went on a show called Couples Therapy solo, people.


Just caught a glimpse of the show as I was changing channels, could not believe what I heard, Jon talking about masturbation.......WTH does he actually think the show did as much damage to his kids....... as all the crap he and Kate have put them thru after the show......they are both out their for the media attention, they both want that spot light and to have it on them and them alone. They both should be ashamed of themselves go back and get a regular job,,,? isn't Kate an R.N. and wasn't Jon a Engineer or something.........Go back to normal jobs and stop trying to stay in the spot it for your two had them together now raise them together and cut out all the bull, and stop trying to one up the other................Good God.....#enoughisenough


Jon, in the beginning of the break-up told the press that he blamed Kate for "all those damn kids" because he felt like they took his freedom away. What kind of father says that? And besides that, he had an engagement with Kate, its not like she married him in a shotgun wedding. He knew she was controlling from the very beginning. I have no, I repeat NO SYMPATHY for that asshole. He brought all of this on himself, its not like she was pregnant by divine right. He got her pregnant so he has no right to complain. One day, those kids are going to look back at all the shit their father has said and that will be the end of their relationship with him.


Jon does not need women in his life till he gets therapy. These situations often end up that we are emulating how we were raised and grew up and taking that out into the world and our relationships. Something is awry in his behavior. And may very well have to do with his nationality and his parents beliefs on marrying outside of the nationality.


Jon, I hope you will get yourself in to some deep long term counseling before you ever consider being involved with another women. You need to get rid of Liz. You can tell she is a Man Hater. She is so messed up. She is completely without a decent personality or set of manners.
I think you should take this opportunity to go back to Hawaii and get a rest with your family and friends protecting you from the media and public displays. Kate, acting as a controlling spouse, did her best to set you apart from all those that would be a support system to you. This is the perfect time to realize that you were manipulated to put up walls to keep you away from people that could tell you that your wife was being cruel to you, and you were not being treated with kindness or respect as her husband. This would be your chance to reconnect and receive support and love from your entire family and friends from back home in Hawaii.
I think you are constantly looking to make someone happy since Kate took away your own means of dealing with life outside any other than pleasing her and taking on the responsibility of the kids. She set you up for failure if you didn't hop when she said jump! You probably have always been a people pleaser, and once you had the kids, fell into survival mode with Kate being in full charge to keep the peace.
I think you are a very smart, kind person that I admired but felt sorry for during the time you were married.
I think Liz has gobbled you up for any reason she can. She is a piece of white trash who doesn't have any of the saving graces that even Kate did. She is out to get you for some reason, in the sense she wants to bring you down and harm you any chance she can.
I hope you will drop her like a bomb that she is. She is disgusting, hateful, ugly and without any integrity. She looks like a cheap hooker and I honestly think there are a lot of other ladies who would eventually be happy to be part of your life once you heal your spirit and come out with some self respect in place after these two baboons have literally raped you on television.
I remember the first special I saw you and Kate in. She was describing how you had ridiculed her stomach by calling her and the stomach area some kind of name that doesn't come to mind right now. I thought, they are never going to make it with him being such a creep. But now, I think you were still wrong, but what you said could never compare to how she treated you on a daily basis.
I loved to see you get dressed in your suits and ties for work and head out in the morning, then come home in the evening just in time to meet the girls or at least see them off in the morning. At that point, it was wonderful to see Kate making a good organic dinner for all, that you had a good system in place of you bathing the kids while she cleaned the kitchen.
I thought how wonderful that you did all that you did to help by doing laundry or dressing the kids. I also loved that you still had a close relationship with the twins, although they could be really mean at times.
Finally, I am hoping that during Couple Therapy that you will share whether or not Kate was having an affair with her body guard during the time you were still together.
I think people realized that the marriage was in a lot of trouble, not from your actions, but from Kate being verbally and emotionally abusive to you. I hope you will take the time to heal. Please drop Liz, she looks like a hooker, and I think she could do something to harm your kids.

@ Guest

His wife was not having an affair with that bodyguard as his wife was often with them also. Jon and Kate got along wonderfully till the kids and then he could not handle that and the work and all those children. There are men just like Jon that want only their wife's attention and are have a hard time with children entering the picture and taking the attention away from him. It was obvious from watching Jon on the show that he could not change one more diaper and or feed a baby one more bottle and could not see himself doing this work day in and out. She even let him keep his job to get away and out of the house but it did not help. It was still coming home to more work. Now there is another show with 6 babies and they argue and fight but the husband is hands on and in there with his wife helping out and enjoying the kids ever minute. Jon was not like that--he just sat there miserable --you could see he was having a hard time with a daily outing as a parent with kids. Therapist said Jon was far too passive behavior. When you have 8 kids and 6 are babies you cannot sit like a bump on a log and only move when Kate makes you move. I think Jon wants custody of the 6 back cause he wants a show now when he stopped Kate from having it cause another family took their spot.


I also don't see what Jon does in Liz. She walks around like a man, acts like a man, talks like a man, it's just gross. No wonder Jon is afraid to talk, I would be too. Although he is def nasty too. The masturbation scene was gross. Those poor kids. They must hate being at home and going to their dad's.


I'm still not sure what Jon Gosselin sees in Liz Jannetta? she walks around like a guy all tough and angry,she swears like a drunken sailor and consistently puts him down by calling him a -ussy! geez Jon,get a grip..Liz is no better than Kate! don't even think of marrying Liz or the next time she'll probably beat the crap out of you. If Liz says Jon acts like a victim, maybe with women like her and Kate thats what he's become..Run Jon Run.....

@ bailey

Liz appears to. Have a STRONG male energy. Jon needs a sweet girl that loves who he really is. Done


so he will start an rowing competition with the ladies at UCLA-los angeles?


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Why would she do that to anyone. She is a weirdo too. I would not want her kids hanging out with her, she is an idiot.


I have not really heard kate say a thing. She did try to take up for herself which backfired. Jon's just been horrible with accusations. Why's he doing it publicly? He can't get custody of the kids He signed them over for a lump sum. Judges frown on that. He's not helping the kids. If anything he's embarrassing them. Smh I just think jon needs to realize he handled everything wrong.

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